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Mirova, Responsible Investing

No description

Natixis Asset Management

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Mirova, Responsible Investing

Creating sustainable value
A new challenge for asset managers
The world
is changing
The current economic development model is no longer sustainable
New needs
are appearing
Growth is running out of steam
Only +4.1%
global growth forecast
in 2013
Debt is rising exponentially
close to $50 trillion
of global debt forecast
in 2013
Adapting the infrastructure
of the planet's population will live
in urban areas by 2050
Supporting new models of social organization
of salaried jobs in France are financed by social and solidarity-based economy
Finance will play an essential role
in meeting these new needs...
Responsibility is becoming
a central concept:
Mirova's ambition
Responsible investing solutions
Listed equities
Impact investing
Voting and engagement
A unique offering built on 4 pillars...
Investir dans les business models durables, créateurs de valeur à long terme
Listed equities
Climate change
AuM of approximately
in terms of AuM in open-ended SRI funds
Environment and health
€3.4 billion
Multithematic offer
2nd-largest European asset manager
Renewable energy
The expertise and experience
A total commitment
Public-private partnerships
of some 10 investment professionals
of over €428 million
A dozen specialists
Supporting job creation
in Impact investing
International microfinance
25 years of experience
Multithematic offer
N°1 in France and in Europe
Impact investing
in SRI employee savings funds
N°1 in France
Voting and engagement
Natural resources are depleting
the need for water (compared with less than 5 billion m today)
Almost 7 billion m
Climate change is becoming more of a pressing issue

rise in global temperature by 2050
+ 2 to 6°C
A multidisciplinary team
driven by a common vision
Innovating to adapt
of CO emissions could be saved by 2020 thanks to new technologies
of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
Over 1,000 signatories
Voting policy
in assets under advisory
Resolution analysis
€38.3 billion
Engagement policy and actions
of which
Almost 12 000
resolutions reviewed
were contested in 2012
Sharing knowledge and experience on a global level

(1) United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2011): World Population Prospects, the 2010 Revision, New York
(2) 2030 Water Resources Group, Charting the water future, 2009
(3) IPCC, Climate change, 2007
(4) IMF, 01/2013
(5) The Economist, 02/2013
(6) United Nations, World Urbanization Prospects, The 2011 Revision
(7) International Energy Agency (IEA), 2009
(8) French Ministry of Economy and Finance, 2012
(9) UN PRI, 11/2012
(10) Natixis Asset Management, 31/12/2013
(11) Feri-Lipper, 11/2013
(13) Finansol Barometer, Solidarity-based finance, 2012
(14) Feri-Lipper, 11/2013
(15) Natixis Asset Management, 31/12/2013
Limited Company - Share Capital: €50 434 604.76 euros
RCS Paris 329 450 738 - Regulated by AMF: GP 90-009
Registered Office: 21 quai d’Austerlitz - 75634 Paris Cedex 13

Mirova Limited liability company - Share capital of € 7 461 327,50 Regulated by AMF under n°GP 02 014 RCS Paris n°394 648 216 Registered Office: 21 quai d’Austerlitz – 75 013 Paris

Mirova is a subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management.

This document is destined for professional clients. It may not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was conceived and may not be copied, diffused or communicated to third parties in part or in whole without the prior written authorization of Natixis Asset Management. None of the information contained in this document should be interpreted as having any contractual value. This document is produced purely for the purposes of providing indicative information.
It constitutes a presentation conceived and created by Natixis Asset Management from sources that it regards as reliable. Natixis Asset Management and Mirova Environment and Infrastructure reserve the right to modify the information presented in this document at any time without notice and particularly the information concerning the description of the management processes which does not in any way constitute a commitment on behalf of Natixis Asset Management or Mirova Environment and Infrastructure. Natixis Asset Management and Mirova Environment and Infrastructure won’t be held responsible for any decision taken or not taken on the basis of information contained in this document, nor in the use that a third-party may make of it. Figures mentioned refer to previous years. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Reference to a ranking and/or a price does not indicate the future performance of the UCITS or the fund manager.

The funds, managed by Natixis Asset Management, mentioned in this document have received the approval of the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) or have received authorization to be marketed in France. The Funds, managed by Mirova Environment and Infrastructure are not subjected to the Authority of Financial markets agreement and can adopt exceptional rules of investment described in the legal prospectus. Before making any subscription, investors must verify if they are legally authorized to subscribe in an UCITS; in particular the subscription of the funds managed by Mirova Environment and Infrastructure is strictly reserved for warned investors answering the criteria defined in their regulation. Characteristics, risk and return profile and costs related to investment in a fund are described in the Key Investor Information Document, available on request from

Natixis Asset Management. The prospectus and the periodical reports are available on request from Natixis Asset Management or Mirova Environment and Infrastructure. Potential subscribers must be in possession of a copy of the Key Investor Information Document before making any subscription.
In the case of funds that qualify for a special tax status, we remind potential investors that the special tax conditions depend on the individual situation of each customer and that such conditions may be subject to future modification. Under Natixis Asset Management’s social responsibility policy, and in accordance with the treaties signed by the French government, the funds directly managed by Natixis Asset Management do not invest in any company that manufactures sells or stocks anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs.
Connecting finance and real economy
Creating sustainable value
Exercing its shareholders' responsibility and engagement
Demographic issues
are multiplying
9.3 billion
Some 40 SRI specialists
people on earth by 2050
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