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Can Wild Animals Be Tamed or Cant Be Tamed ?

In this Presentation I will be telling you about if wild animals can be tamed, or cant be tamed! :)

Marivelg1217 guzman

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Can Wild Animals Be Tamed or Cant Be Tamed ?

My Opinion... My opinion about ligers is that they are very very big. They are also very Beautiful!! They are also one of my favorite animals. Here is a picture of a Liger! :) 5 Facts About Ligers 1.)They are very large animals
2.)The largest living cat in the world
3.)Like to Swim
4.)Ligers are twice as big as either of their parents.
5.)Ligers suffer birth defects and usually die young. If I could ask ... If I could ask a liger specialist I would ask them, are most ligers healthy? I would also ask them if they could tame them or if they can not tame them. Can Ligers Be Tamed Or Not ? Ligers can actually be tamed. They have them in their home town were they can pet them. If you pet them and they are tamed you don't have to worry about inter fearing with them and messing their bodies up, unless you mistreat them. By: Marivel Guzman Ligers I think that.. I think that ligers are a very interesting type of animal. Also that they are a species combined with tigers and lions!! They are actually very big animals. The End!!! ^0^ I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Presentation I have made!! :) 5th period! Beep!
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