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Bear Mountain Bridge

No description

Zara Zulfikar

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Bear Mountain Bridge

Bear Mountain Bridge
The History of the bridge
When the Bear Mountain Bridge was constructed it was the longest Suspension Bridge with a concrete deck. It crosses the Hudson river and connects Fort Clinton and Anthony's Nose. the weight of the bridge was distributed with the help of cables. The Bridge was a landmark in History because it was the first bridge to cross the Hudson river.
Construction of the bridge
On March 31, 1922, New York Governor Nathan Lewis had signed a bill and he authorized the company to build a bridge crossing the Hudson river. The bill also gave the right to the New York state to buy the bridge later on after a certain amount of time given by the private company. The bridge was dedicated in a ceremony on November 26, 1924 and also opening the following day. Five thousand cars had crossed the bridge on the Thanksgiving holiday.
- The Bear Mountain Bridge had the largest span in the world for 19 months.
- The Bear Mountain Bridge is located in the Hudson river which has the lenght of 507 meters
Geographical position and Benefits
The Bear Mountain Bridge is located in the Hudson River Valley NewYork. The bridge is maintained by the New York State Bridge Authority. It's total length is 687 m, the width is 15 m and the height is 110 m.
The Bear Mountain Bridge is located in United States. It was built on November 27, 1924.It was made so strong that it has never been rebuilt up till now. It is a suspension bridge and the strand of bridges make it very strong.
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