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Lululemon presentation

No description

Carolyne Barrette

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Lululemon presentation

LULULEMON Presented by Frederique Denis and Carolyne Barrette Lululemon is a clothing company specializes in yoga and running gear. MISSION STATEMENT/VISION/VALUES List of 31manifesto and life philosophies for healthy and positive living. Company Profile Historical facts Lululemon Headquarter Vancouver 165 stores 46 stores in Canada Divisions and Subsidiarie A new subsidiary : Ivivva Athletica Targeting girls from ages 6 to 12 Scope of products and services Manufactures and offers clothing for women, men and female youth. Bags ;
Yoga mats ;
Underwear ;
Water bottles. 5807 employees Main competitors Nike Adidas Underarmour Financial Situation Stock price 67,35$ Total revenues and net earnings Social and environmental implication Proactively promote healthy bodies An annual half marathon Inspiring run ambassador, Linda Wong Conclusion A great philosophy and great values ; Quality and beauty ; Recommend you to visit their website and blog.
- Micheal Casey

- RoAnn Costin

- Christine Day

- William Glenn

- Martha Morfitt

- Rhoda Pitcher

- Thomas Stemberg

- Jerry Stritzke

- Emily White

- Dennis Wilson Board of directors 50% of women Management board
-Christine Day

-John Currie

-Delaney Schweitzer

-Sheree Waterson 75 % of women As exemples :
Do one thing a day that scares you.
Friends are more important than money. Founder Chip Wilson Evolution Founded 1998 First store in 2000 Technical athletic fabrics Design studio Clothing movement BA in Economics Also offering high quality Lululemon sells its products in : Yoga studios
Health clubs
Fitness centers Logo
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