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Ancient Rome

No description

nathan cropper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Geography Similar to Greece Arable land Tiber river stretches more than 250 miles Alps mountains seperated rome from Europe Founding of Rome A small settlement was established on the banks of the Tiber River Aeneas traveled until he reached Latium Romulus and Remus were raised by a she wolf When grown up Romulus killed Remus, Then founded Rome Poor get more powerful Republic- A government in which citizens have the right to vote and elect officials Patricians- Represented the upper class of roman society Plebians- The people of Rome Tribune- The top officials of the plebian assembly. Twelve tables- The first written law codes of Rome The Roman Republic Tripartite- Three part Checks and balances- Represent a means for
keeping any one branch of a government from gaining
more power than the others Senate- An assembly or council of citizens having the highest
deliberative functions in a government Magistrates- a civil officer charged with administartion to the law Growth of The Republic Tactic- is a method used to
achieve a short-term goal, such as
a winning battle There were three punic wars and
Scipio won them all
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