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Arkansas Landforms

No description

Garrett Smith

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Arkansas Landforms

Population of 26,245
Located directly across from Memphis, but the Mississippi river divides them
Arkansas Landforms
By Garrett Smith
and Ricky M.

Population of 55,964
Names after Charles Warrington Rogers
Population of 35,301
Home of the original 5 n' dime
Home to Tyson Foods, the WORLDS largest meat producing company
Population of 463,204
Population of 86,209
Is located on the outskirts of the Rocky Mountains
Fort Smith
Population of 86,209
Lies on the Arkansas Oklahoma state border
Little rock
Capital of Arkansas
Population of 724,385
West memphis

Population of 66,330
One half Arkansas one half Texas
hot springs
Population 85,193
Has hot springs
Population of 18,272
Founded by Henry T. Blythe in 1879
ozark Plateau

The ozarks have several large lakes, each with forests, streams, and mineral springs.

New madrid fault
The new madrid fault is a major seismic zone and a pro life source of intraplate earthquakes.
Lots of earthquakes occur in the new madrid fault.

Boston mountain area
A high an deeply dissected plateau located in Northern Arkansas.
It has a popular recreation center
Ouachita mountains
The Ouachita mountains are the largest set of mountains in Arkansas
It is 225 miles (360 km) long
Devils den
Is a past sight of the Gettysburg Battlefield once used in 1863.
"Little top" and "Big top" are igneous landforms made over 200 million years ago
Woolly hollow
370 acres (150 ha) big
Built based on a dam lake, Bennett lake
Crowleys ridge
Rises 250-550 ft (170 m) above the largely flat land form of the Mississippi embayment
Named after Benjamin Crowley, the first European settler to reach the area in 1820
st. francis natural forest
Contains 11,000 acres (42 km(squared)) of old-growth forests
Composes of two seperate forests, Ozark National Forest and St. Francis National Forest
Queen Wilhelmina
Unit of the Arkansas State Parks Division in the Ouachita Mountains
Famous "Castle in the sky" lodge, which has 38 guest rooms, a resteraunt, lobby, and meeting room
State parks
crater of diamonds
911 acre (369 ha) big park with a 37.5 acre (15.2 ha) plowed field
The worlds ONLY diamond-bearing site open to the public
saline river
202 miles long (325 km)
Begins in the eastern foothills of Ouachita mountains, Saline (hence the name)
mississippi river
Native Americans once lived along the bank of the Mississippi river
Chief river of the largest drainage system in America
white river
722 miles long (1,162 km)
Flows through Arkansas and Missouri
black river
300 miles long (480 km)
Part of the Mississippi River watershed
Ouachita river
605 miles long (974 km)
Runs through Arkansas and Louisiana
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