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Spruce Lake 6th grade Exhibiton

No description

Joely Yzquierdo

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Spruce Lake 6th grade Exhibiton

Spruce Lake
Step 2. Arriving at Spruce Lake
Step 3. Feeling tired
I started feeling really tired through all the activities which is not usual for me at all. My dad was counselor and he check my temperature, 100.
Step 4. Getting better, Not
The last day was the hardest for me. I wouldn't get up out f my sleeping bag at all. Mrs. Kleffman felt my forehead and I was buring.
Step 5. 3rd Day of Spruce Lake
The last and final day. I was woken up by Arika, Ana, and Tiffany when they pulled my sleeping bag and me off the bed. When I fell on the floor I didn't get up, I couldn't. Mrs. Kleffman came and felt my face. I was burning.
Step 1. The day before
The day before going to Spruce Lake I was sick and couldn't go to school.
The next day I felt great, so I went to school. We left and everyone was so excited to finally to be going to Spruce Lake. I didn't feel sick at all.
Step 6. Dealing with a worried dad is not fun at all
Nissi stayed with me until my dad came. Once he did he checked my temperature and I had a 106 fever. My dad got worried. Tiffany happen to have a tylenol, the tylenol that probably saved me a trip to the hospital. We left and went to the lodge while we waited for everyone else so we can say goodbye.
Step 7. Leaving with a fight
I did not want to leave at all. I wanted to stay and do the rock wall blind folded. My dad took 30 min to convince me until I finally said ok. My fever started coming down. The ride was 1 hour and half to get to my doctors because Spruce Lake is in Pennsylvania.
Step 8. Back at the doctors, again
My doctor tested me and I ended up having the flu. She said I should feel fine in 2 days. I was relieved.
Step 9. The end of my Spruce Lake experience
That was my first Spruce Lake. It was a really sad experience for me, at least. It was also tiring, me being sick.
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