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Real World Resources

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Robyn Urfey

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Real World Resources

Real World Resources in Mathematics
Get the Math
The Get the Math resource is a combination of video and web activities that help junior grades develop algebraic thinking for solving real world problems. Students are able to see how algebra is involved in music, fashion, video games, restaurants and basketball. The videos are engaging for students and provide challenges for students to really get them thinking outside the box. The website also includes lesson plans and professional development videos for teachers.
Ted Ed
Ted Ed uses YouTube videos that are educational and part of a series called Math in Real Life. Teachers are able to customize the lesson to their class needs. The videos have sections called Think, Dig Deeper and Discuss that have potential questions teachers can ask their class. Teachers are able to create their own lessons and share the videos through a variety of social media tools.

The Ted Ed videos display how math is used in real life and give students authentic learning experiences.
Real World Math
Real World Math is a website that provides lessons and activities that use Google earth and SketchUp. Concepts and challenges are presented to students in a meaningful way that portray the usefulness of the ideas. There are sections for measurement, concept and project based learning.
Curriculum Connections:

Useful for Junior Grades

Grade 5 - Number Sense and Numeration and Patterning and Algebra

Grade 6 - Number Sense and Numeration and Patterning and Algebra
In the challenge shown, students are asked how they can bring down the price of a shirt that costs over $40 to $35 or less. The students are engaged in the challenge and they that math is involved in places they would have never imagined.


Curriculum Connections

Primary and Junior Grades

Touches upon different strands


Grade 2 - Geometry and Spatial Sense
This videos shows students that Honeybees are smart insects that build their beehive in a mathematical efficient matter. It shows that Bees calculate angles and understand the earth is round.
The lessons that are available can range from one period to a few weeks. Students are engaged in the activity through the use of Google Earth.
Curriculum Connections

Higher Primary and Junior Grades

Area and perimeter

In this activity students find a piece of farmland on Google Earth and using the ruler tool measure the perimeter of plot of land. With those measurements they would be asked to find the area of land. Question can be extended to see how much to would cost to plant crops on land.
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