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AITSL Practice Analysis

No description

Stephanie Noack

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of AITSL Practice Analysis

Practice Analysis
How do we negotiate an effective
working relationship?
Establish clear expectations
Ensuring that documentation has been shared by supervising and preservice teacher

Establish relationships
Non-verbal cues
Conversation starters are provided to facilitate professional conversations.

Skills and Opportunities
Looks at what skills and opportunities the supervising teacher may gain from working with a preservice teacher.
How can I support the
preservice teacher to plan?
Before Observing

Lesson plan review
Observation focus process
Resources available for observing

What to look for when observing the preservice teacher.
Observations of a lesson
What are you observing
Being objective
Encouraging the preservice teacher to self examine

Proximity maps
Templates of class layouts to use when observing the movement of the preservice teacher throughout the room during a lesson
What kind of feedback should I provide to the preservice teacher?
Effective feedback
Aligned with the standards
Be aware of the language used which should be exact and emotionally neutral

Delivering Feedback
Matching verbal and non-verbal communication
Ensuring feedback facilitates learning
Descriptive and performance focused
Empowers the preservice teacher
What kind of feedback should I provide to the preservice teacher?
Improving the way you deliver feedback
Practical opportunity to reflect on past feedback practice

Difficult Conversations
How to approach difficult conversations (conversation starters)


Three scenarios to plan a difficult conversation

Action Planning
Where to from here?
Standards Met
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