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csc Shifting Leadership

Shifting Leadership - How to make a shift using MBTI. Topic presented to COHREP L.E.A.D. Forum on February 2, 2011 at the Oasis Hotel in Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines.

Mind Pool Inc

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of csc Shifting Leadership

J P I like new experiences.
I like variety and action.
I am bored when I'm alone.
I enjoy going out with groups.
Under stress, I need to be with others. I trust only facts.
I value common sense.
I have a good eye for detail.
I am good at giving directions.
I trust experience over hunches. I do not show feelings easily.
I am not disturbed by conflict.
I like to handle facts and ideas.
I follow my head rather than my heart.
I am logical, rational and straight-forward. I prefer structure.
I dislike last minute jobs.
I like to plan ahead of time.
I live a planned and orderly life.
I am usually prompt and on time. E S T J deep
save energy Shifting Leadership COHREP L.E.A.D. FORUM, February 2, 2011 E I S N T F S Info Sensing
actual reality N iNtuitive
imagination F T Feeling
sympathy Thinking
analysis Decide Judging
urgency J P Perceptive
patient Style Focus Extravert
use energy E Introvert
save energy I F I try to avoid conflict.
I need praise and affirmation.
I follow my heart rather than my head.
I am usually aware of people's feelings.
I am more concerned about people than facts. I trust my hunches and intuition.
I prefer to look at the big picture.
I am not good at giving directions.
I love to speculate about the future.
I am interested in the unknown possibilities. I P Under stress, I need time alone.
I prefer to work quietly and alone.
I prefer being with a few close friends.
I feel very lonely in a crowd of strangers.
I prefer to test the water before trying anything new. N I am flexible and open-minded.
I tend to delay unpleasant jobs.
Emergencies bring out the best in me.
I dislike deadlines and tight schedules.
I enjoy the unexpected and love surprises. Who is the Leader? The person who can
SHIFT Thank You Very Much
Claude Engr. Claude Gregory M. Sta Clara February 2011 Licensed Metallurgical Engineer (PRC# 283)
M.Sc. Metallurgical Eng'g (UP, Diliman)

Certified OCCI Facilitator/Coach

Certifed NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
Certified TLT Practitioner (TLTA)

Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC)
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