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Pippa the brilliant Sheltie.

A small prezi about Pippa the Sheltie! Updated on 23rd april 2012, next update soon... Visit Pippa's blog at : www.pippasheltie.blogspot.co.uk

Eve and Pippa

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Pippa the brilliant Sheltie.

Pippa the sheltie!!! Name: Pippa
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)
Date of Birth: 1st July 2011
Lives with: Granda and Grandma
Favourite colour: Orange
Favourite food: Onions
Favourite Person: Everyone! About Pip First Day at home!
Orange tennis balls
People in general
Small dogs
Hiding dentastixs
Going off the lead
Eating sticks and twigs
Blogging! Likes: Big dogs
Unsociable people
"Ruff Tuff" toys
Dogs barking
When Meece the cat won't give her a piggy-back.
Elvis, The Pug Dislikes Stories..... When Pippa was little, my dad and mum cycled to see her early one morning. They got there and sat down and had a cup of tea, as most british adults do. My dad unzipped the pocket on his cycling trousers to check his phone. He then zipped it back up again, then along came Pip and, using her mouth, she unzipped the pocket again! Zippy Pipppy... This isn't really a story, it's an ongoing problem. Pippa has a phobia of hair brushes. Her first brush was a tiny one with super soft bristles which she kindly pulled out the first day she got it. Now we use a bigger one with the big, solid bristle things. But she has developed a fear of it. She loves me, but whenever I take out the brush, she army-crawls away like a secret agent. She probably thinks I can't see her if she does this. You have to literally squeeze her to you if you want her to stay still whilst brushing. The weird thing is, she hates me brushing her back but rolls over and loves getting her chest brushed! When I attempt to brush the disgusting tuggy hair beside her bottom, she squeals and runs away. Oh well..... Pippa and the hair brush... (Don't worry there will be more photos coming up!)
Pippa has been to:
Crathes castle with the Cameron family, Suzie the Westie and us.
Up Scholtie, with my uncle, auntie and little cousin.
Westburn and Victoria park numerous times.
To the beach, "pets at home" and back again.
When she was tiny, and before all of her jabs, she came to our garden and played with me, my sister and our little cousin, King Jake. Adventures so far..... Very small Pippa --> At the beach! Sheltie is short for Shetland Sheepdog, a breed which funnily enough originated in the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Pippa doesn't come from Shetland but she does come from Banff in Scotland (which is miles away)! Shelties are smaller than Collies but look similair. You do get minature shelties, but Pip's a normal one. They grow up to around knee height. Pippa is a Sheltie. Yay Photos!!! Second day at home First day at home (1 month old) At the beach A walk in the snow. The only time it snowed in December 2011 here!!! Pippa was 5 months old. "You are my best friend, Eve!" Wait, there's more photos! a day out in spring! Little Pippa!! At the beach... the same day as before... Tired out-ish after playing with myself Hurry up, I want to go outside! Thanks for watching!! Watch this, it's a video! move your mouse over it and press play...
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