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The inextricable connection of the Dreaming, land and identi

No description

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of The inextricable connection of the Dreaming, land and identi

Link between human beings and creation
Link to land and the Spirit
Own sacred sites
Land (through totemic links) owns the people
Formalised through ceremonialism
Explains creation and sustaining of life
Reveals totemic connection to land and sacred sites
Affects rights to the land
The Law that Ancestral Spirits created
LAND (a)
Given to different nations by Ancestral Beings
Spirit Beings travelled giving names and Spirits to ancestors
Links made between Spirit Beings and nations
Kinship bonds and relationships created through the land
Land gives Aboriginal people their identity
'The Land is my mother'
land is the core of all spirituality- not dead but alive with power
Aboriginal is enmeshed with the land in a dynamic of interconnected identity
Personal identity gained through birthplace, ancestral beings and totems
Social identity via kinship, totems and the land
Ancestors live in the land so the land must continue to thrive and be sustained by both people and culture
LAND (b)
Boundaries established by Spirit Beings
Transformation of Spirit Beings
Spirit Beings make and name sacred areas
A person's name signifies their relationship to and ownership of the land
The inextricable connection of the Dreaming, land and identity
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