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DELF and the CEFR in the OCDSB


Denis Cousineau

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of DELF and the CEFR in the OCDSB

2009-2010 Teacher Training DEC 2009
First Correcteur Training in Feb 2010
12 OCDSB teachers, cross panel
First cohort of DELF Scolaire in April 2010
School visits of FSL departments, first networks

Emotions and :
anxiety over levels of ability?
would the students be successful?
would the DELF meet our expectations as a tool?
could we learn from our experience and improve practice?
Role of Quality Assurance via the Student Surveys and the Teacher Surveys Nantes 2009 400 participants from 80 countries of the Francophonie
10 Canadians from 3 provinces: Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia
CEFR training for Denis Cousineau to become a certified DELF Formateur for Examinateur-Correcteurs
Beginning of an exciting Journey DELF and the CEFR in the OCDSB What Has Happened Since 2007
FSL review at both panels. Elementary and Secondary.
Key question: Where is the level of proficiency of our learners in all our programs at the end of the journey. (grade 12) And how do we measure? Were we meeting our expectations?
Looking for a tool. 2010-2011 2 more sessions of correcteurs training.
2 sessions of DELF one in late November, one in mid-April
Networks established for 3 Co-
Co- planning
Co- observation of learning
Co- debriefing 2011-12 2 more sessions of DELF
1 more session of DELF correcteurs
more networking
TV5 and technology 2012-13 2 more DELF sessions
more teacher training
more networking sessions
special projects: Ridgemont Project (exams and summatives)
Learning Centres Initiatives

OCDSB and the province, our role as LEAD board
our role in International cooperation Changing a culture via DELF and the CEFR CO

PÉ Fact Sheet DELF April 2010
17 A2
22 B1
45 B2 DELF NOV 2010
07 A2
21 B1
67 B2 DELF April 2011
04 A2
13 B1
59 B2 DELF NOV 2011
09 A2
77 B1
159 B2 DELF April 2012
09 A2
61 B1
175 B2 DELF NOV 2012
21 A2
130 B1
275 B2 2012 in Canada, over 5000 DELFs scolaires. Fall registration
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