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The Code Talker Summary

No description

Zahra Vasi

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of The Code Talker Summary

Chapter 16
Part 1
Ned is reunited with his old friend, Georgia Boy. The two friends are very happy to see each other. They are both part of Operation Cartwheel which is the Allied plan to attack Bougainville. If the operation is a success, the Allies will be on the attack. The soldiers have come up with names for all everything in the war to make things less scary. After scouting the area, the Marines and Navy are ready for attack, even though they don't get along very well.
Chapter 17
Part 1
When the command is given, all the Marines rush to do their job and get off the ship. The Marines are anxious to get started with the attack, but the airplanes still have to attack the island. As Ned and his shipmates watch the bombing they are very happy because it seems like nothing could survive that bombardment. Ned is also lucky he has a huge radio to protect him.
Chapter 17
Part 2
As soon as Ned and the other soldiers get off the boat, they are attacked by the Japanese, who had managed to survive the first attacks on the island. Ned gets into a foxhole while the Japanese fire on him.
Chapter 18
Part 1
Chapter 18
Part 2
As the Marines try to increase their hold on Bougainville, they come across Japanese supplies that are loaded with bombs. Ned and the other code-talkers have many important messages they are responsible for sending, it is a difficult and dangerous time. An earthquake occurs and knocks many Japanese snipers out of trees, it sets many people on edge. Also, Ned receives a letter from home and sends back his clothes for the "Protection Ceremony."
Chapter 16
Part 2
Everybody is nervous before the attack on Bougainville. The Marines are restless and preparing for the attack. For the first bit, the ships just fire at the island. The firing is so intense that all the marines believe the enemy has been destroyed. However, all the enemies are still alive and waiting to attack.
The Code Talker Summary
Chapters 16, 17 & 18
By: Zahra vasi and justin joseph

Ned is greeted by the native people of the island and night approaches with fighting, however Ned doesn't see a single Japanese soldier.
Ned and the Marines strengthen invasion on Bougainville. The climate is terrible, it is hot, humid and mosquitoes are everywhere. The Marines have to take a horrible pill to avoid getting diseases from the mosquitoes.
As the Marines try to survive on the island, they have to be wary of Japanese banzai, or suicide attacks. Also, on a hike, the Marines come across a supposedly dead Japanese soldier, however they shoot him anyway for precautionary reasons. Ned feel bad for the dead man and the Marines celebrate their birthday. Also, Ned turns officially 17.
Thanks For watching!
Chapters 16,17 and 18 Summary!
Navajo Code-talkers
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