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Mass Communication - Bilbords

No description

Sajra Čarkadžić

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Mass Communication - Bilbords

Student: Sajra ČČCarkadzic
Professor: Mersida Crneta

Objective 4
Prepare effective short reports in memorandum, email, letter formats
Objective 5
Prepare effective proposals for a variety of purposes
Short Reports
reports that includes only minimum supporting materials to achieve effective communication
internal proposals- proposals used by mangers to justify or recommended purchased

external proposal: proposal written to genereate business.

solicited proposals: proposals generated when a pontential buyers submits exact specifications

unsolicitd proposal: a proposal prepared by an individual or firm who sees a problem to be solved
Using headings effectively
Headings take their positions from their relative importance in a complete outline.
I. First-Level Heading
A. Second-Level Heading
B. Second-Level Heading
1. Third-Level Heading
2. Third-Level Heading
II. First-Level Heading
Paper based billboards
Digital billboards
Mobile billboards
Human billboards

Avoid placing 2 headings consecutively without any intervening text.

Use transition sentences to link sections of a report.
Use a variety of coherence techniques. ....
Time connectors
at the same time
Contrast connectors
Similarity connectors
Cause and effect connectors
Other ways to improve transition:
Use tabulations and enumeration
bullets or numbers
Define terms carefully.
term, family, differentiation sequence.
Check for variety.
right ideas and support
Enhancing credibility
Avoid emotional terms
Identify assumptions
state clearly
label opinion
facts over opinions
Use documentation
citations and references
Form Reports
reports that meet the demand of numerous, repetitive reports
college registration forms
applications for credit
bank checks
provided for mass audience
must be seen
can be placed wherever
Different perception
Short and precise message
Visual and environmental concerns
Billboards are types of outdoor mass communication which have ability to share information to big audience
Example 2
Example 1
"I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all."
Ogden Nash
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