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Serious Learning

Then new standard for employee development

Jeffrey Duke

on 18 January 2011

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Transcript of Serious Learning

Serious Learning
is the new standard
taking the best of established forms of
training and enabling people to learn in ways that improve their ability to apply the training Future of Corporate Training Use of virtual space
Self managing teams
Time and follow-up
Scoring and feedback from other teams and team members
Opportunity to re-work
Cash incentives for top individual and team Serious Learning Framework Tools Virtual Space for:
Web conferencing
Team creation and management
Both group and team rooms for chat, discusion boards, document sharing and presentation creation
Tracking and reporting
Group Space Team Space Web conference Discussion Boards chat Scoring Scoring Polls Team Creation Chat Discussion Boards Leaderboard Document Sharing A Serious Learning Demo chat Team Space Document Sharing Discussion Boards Scoring Document Sharing Scoring Discussion Boards Team Space chat chat Team Space Scoring Document Sharing Discussion Boards Discussion Boards Document Sharing Team Space chat Scoring Scoring chat Document Sharing Discussion Boards Team Space Things to know How do we use these tools? Weekly meetings are managed by a facilitator in the group space for all participants Here teams self organize and collaborate to complete assignments Team Space is restricted to members of that team Completed team assignments are shared with the group Ready for an example? Welcome to a Serious Learning Example You must start a team or join a team
The max for any team is 6 members
The min for any team is 3 members Team Assignment #1
As a team identify 3-6 factors that make learning stick
Use any resources you want
Be ready to share in 10 mins Time is up
Each team has 2 mins to present their work to the larger group After each team presentation
All participants give a 1-10 score to each team
And feedback with why they gave that score Each team may also give points to the
top contributor and take points from a slacker Leaderboard shows the ranking of the top team and individual

Points can be assigned by team members, other teams or the facilitator The first session ends with a challenging team assignment that participants research, discuss and prepare in their teams returning in one week to share, score, provide feedback and discuss their learning. This pattern continues over four weeks with increasingly more difficult assignments including application of the topic The final session concludes with individuals sharing how much they have changed over the last few weeks --then applauding at the Leaderboard as a cash prize is awarded to the top team and individual Now that is
Serious Learning Participants spend the next few weeks researching, collaborating, discussing, presenting, scoring, refining and in a serious way, learning
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