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Mew Mew Power

No description

Reshma Sojan

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Mew Mew Power

Mew Mew Power
This prezi is all about Mew Mew Power and if you don't know anything about them well this preziwill show Mane Charters This is Zoey, she is infused with the wild mountein and she is the mane charter in the group and the strongest in the group,she also has a mojer crush on a boy in her school called Mark. This is Kiki, she is infused with the tamerin lion monkey she in the youngest and the most trickest in the group because she can weeve in and out of attack. This is Corina, she is infused with the blue rayer lorecite she is a wonderful balla dancerand she dreames of being a famous dancer when she is older. This is Brighet, she is infused with the black finles porpuss she in the smartest in the group,before she maet the mew mew group she was very lonlyand mow she's not . This is Renee, she is infused with the wolf, she is the famous one in the group she is a dancer,a model and a song writter and sh is the most populer girls in the whole city . Other Charters These girls work in a cafa called Cafa Mew Mew that acts like a front cover for their recerch and a place to plan battle stratages.The cafa came quite a popular place for teenagers to hang out after school thats because the cafa seles really delicious cakes the best ones on the planet. Inroduction These boys help the girls on thir misson This is Wesely, he is the leed beaker of Cafa Mew Mew he is 17 years old he also reserch for bredasiteshe ' This Elleot, He is the owner of Cafa Mew Mew and the manjer of the cafa he is 16 years old.

This is Mark he is Zoey's boyfriend and has a huge crush on her, Mark doesn't know that Zoey is a mew mew. Mark is 14 years old This is Miny Mew, this little fear ball is a computer that detects if there is a predesites closs by. This is Dren , he has a monster crush on Zoey, he is the leader of his group and he was the first one to serve his master.

This is Tarb he is the youngest in the group and he is very stubornand he jokes around and he was the third one to serve his master. This is Sardon , he is the smartest one in the group and he plannes battle stratages and attacks and he was the second one to serve his master. This is Deep Blue, he is the king of their planet, and he planes to distroy the earth, you can only see his shadows but as the episode go on you will se his reall form. Thanks for watching! Here is a video that will show you how the Mew Mews transform hope you enjoye! Main Vilens
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