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Sports development pyramid

No description

becky hampson

on 3 January 2016

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Transcript of Sports development pyramid

Children being introduced to sport

Gymnastics 'FUNdamentals' for early years

Learning basic skills and doing a variety of activities
Basic skills
Learning positive attitudes towards physical activity
non competitive extra curricular involvement
School or club participation
emphasis on enjoyment, health and friendships
District, county or regional involvement

More formal school or club participation

Emphasis on competition and winning
District/county level
For skilled, competitive performers who train regularly

Receive formal coaching
Skilled performers
Highly Skilled
High levels of coaching
Sport Science support
Fully committed performers (may or may not get paid)
International/Elite level
Sports development pyramid
Link this to Mr Moon's oral response speeches you are preparing

Explain the importance of a performance pyramid approach to developing sports stars of the future.
(1) Wide base providing large level of participation in sport.
(2) Chance to identify potential at an early age.
(3) A recognised structure to progress through.
(4) Relevant coaching and assistance at each level.
(5) Elite performers have access to top quality support.
Explain where and how the concepts of ‘Sport For All’ and ‘Elite Sport’ fit into the structure of the performance pyramid.
(1) Sport for All - Participation
(2) Want as many participants as possible.
(3)This is really about mass participation or recreation for all.
(4) Elite Sport - Excellence Level
(5) Performers will be performing for national team.
(6) Elite performers have access to top quality coaching and facilities.

Think about funding!

Sport England
Focus on community Sport.
Invest National Lottery and Exchequer funding in organisations and projects that will grow and sustain participation in grassroots sport.

Also create opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport.
Our structure reflects this focus
Work with both UK Sport, which has responsibility for elite success, and the Youth Sport Trust, which is focused on PE and school sport.
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