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Social Business In About 4 Minutes

A quick primer on what a social business is and how to become one. (Images by Dave Gray, used via Creative Commons.)

Michael Pacheco

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Social Business In About 4 Minutes

What is a Social Business?
A social business (sometimes called a connected company) is an organization that benefits its customers, employees, owners, and partners by embedding collaboration, information sharing, and engagement into its operations and culture.
But what does THAT mean?
It can mean a lot of things.
It can mean using enterprise social networks for better internal communication and collaboration.
It can mean empowering your staff with the authority to make any decision necessary to serve the customer.
It can mean transforming your structure from a rigid "machine" into an adaptive "organism".
It can mean dedicating yourself to greater transparency so the entire organization is always aware of the company's direction.
It can mean any of these things, or all of these things and more.
It can mean opening your company's business development to anyone with a great idea, regardless of their position.
Why should we be a Social Business?
Because the world is changing fast, and it's not going to slow down or stop.
Because if you want to keep up, your business needs to be as adaptable and flexible as possible.
Because adaptability brings insight, which enables innovation, and if you're not innovating, you're basically going backwards.
Because the organization that can adapt to the customer's needs faster and better will win.
Because the world is more connected than ever before. That includes your customers.
How do we become a Social Business?
The transformation into a social business begins in one of two places: at the top or at the bottom.
Employees often begin socializing processes without realizing it by using their own tools and processes to "hack" the company's rules in order to get things done.
Sometimes becoming a social business is a formal decision made by an organization's leadership.
Regardless of where it starts, social business is quickly becoming the new normal.
Start with a search of "social business", or "connected company" and learn more.
Read The Connected Company by Dave Gray or Get Bold by Sandy Carter.
Next, ask your staff about it. Someone in your own organization probably knows about social business and wants to help transform your organization.
Find a consultant versed in social business.
For more information about how social business can transform your organization, contact Michael Pacheco at mistermichaelpacheco@gmail.com or at (323) 632-3678.
Here's another way to look at social business.
This smart guy...
...says that most businesses are here...
...but the next phase is here...
...where absolutely everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else.
In short, a social business is one that uses social tools and practices to better connect with its customers, partners, and staff.
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