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5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes: Episode 4

Episode 4- TodaysMees, Cue Prompter, WordPress, Infuse Learning, Storify

Katie Ritter

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes: Episode 4

1. TodaysMeet
2. Cue Prompter
3. WordPress
4. Infuse Learning
5 Tech Tools in 5 Minutes
5. Storify
By Katie Ritter
Twitter: @Katie_M_Ritter
Blog: talktechwithme.wordpress.com
Website: talktechwithme.com
What is it?
Great for...
Have a "back channel" discussion during a presentation to answer questions without disrupting the whole group.
Review sessions
Professional Development
Software training
Conference presentations
What is it?
Great for...
What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
Great for...
Great for...
Great for...
Free online teleprompter with adjustable speeds and sizes of text.
Video announcements
student made videos
Free blogging platform with multiple privacy settings for a classroom environment
Student blogging
Student reflections
Writing practice
Publishing content
Teacher updates to parents
formative class assessment
quick feedback for understanding
Student response, clicker-like, system. Store and save short quizzes for formative assessments. Students do not need an account.
Curate content from all over the web into one spot and publish for others.
Diigo bookmark link for all the sites in this presentation:
Saving and displaying tweets and facebook posts
Collecting information across multiple sources and displaying in one place
Collecting multiple types of media (tweets, pictures, video, etc.) in one place
Set up class blog with all students as users OR
Each student can create own blog
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