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Dominic Harris

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of COOKIE MONSTER

MMMMMMMMM...........YUM YUM YUM...........COOKIES........NEED MORE UNIT 8 PROJECT BY: DOMINIC G. HARRIS LESSON 7-1 LESSON 7-2 LESSON 7-3 LESSON 7-7 LESSON 5-6 THANKS FOR LISTENING AND HOPED U LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR.COOKIE MONSTER WANTS TO SAY SOMETHING BEFORE I GO..................... GEEEETTT MEEEEE MOOOOORRRRE !WAIT! COOKKIIES points,lines,planes ,and angles parallel and perpendicular lines angles in triangles dilation's transformation Points,lines,and planes are building blocks 0f geometry. segments,rays,and angles are defined in terms of these basic figures. point: line: plane: segment: ray: names a location extends straight in both ways flat surface that extends in all directions a part of a line between to points starts at one point and extends forever in that direction A A B A B C A B A Parallel: lines that line together in the same direction , but never touch Perpendicular: lines that intersect at 90 degrees Examples: Examples: The resulting figure, or image of a translation,rotation, or reflection is congruent to the original figure. Examples: Translation Rotation Reflection Slides a figure along a line without turning Turns a figure around a point called the center of rotation Flips a figure across a line to create a mirror image A dilation is a transformation that changes the size but not the shape of a figure. A dilation can enlarge or reduce the size of a figure. Every dilation has a fixed point that is the center of dilation. To find the center of dilation, draw a line that connects each pair of corresponding verticals. The lines intersect at one point,this point is the center of dilation. Example: An acute triangle has 3 acute angles, an right triangle has 1 right angle, and an obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse angle Triangle Sum Theorem Words Numbers Algebra The angles measures of a triangle add to 180 degrees 79 43 58 43+58+79=180 degrees r+s+t=180 degrees R S T
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