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The Underground Railroad Final Prezi

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Katie McBratney

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of The Underground Railroad Final Prezi

The Underground Railroad By Katie M., Micayla G, Emma V., Eliana M., and Sarah M. Dangers...
Freezing (lots of times they ran away during the winter)
Runaways were beaten or punished in another way (hard labor, harming of a family member) if they were caught Runaways...
It was never an easy decision for slaves to decide to run away
Risked their own lives and the lives of those who helped them
Runaway slaves had to depend on their own knowledge to escape the hunters and slave-catchers
They had to dress up in disguises to fool people who might turn them in
There were little hints and clues hidden in songs used to tip off slaves who were running away
Songs that Might Have Been Used:
“Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”
“Go Down Moses”
“Follow the Drinking Gourd” Before the Underground Railroad
-The main reason slaves tried to escape from their masters was because they wished for freedom and couldn't bear their treatment
*They were beaten
*They were fatigued from work everyday
*They were given small amounts of food
*By the age of 10, children became fieldworkers

-When slaves were captured they were forced to wear leg shackles to prevent them from running away again
-Slaves wore identification tags when rented by masters
-Many families shared one small house made of logs
-The slaves soon founded their own secret houses and communities in the regions of Virginia, and Florida
- The Seminole Indians also played a big role in helping the slaves rebel and start the underground Railroad Who started the Underground Railroad?
Isaac T. Hopper
A system to help fugitive slaves
People opened their houses
3,000 people by 1850 Why was this important to the Civil War?
Provided slaves with hope
Caused the Fugitive Slave Act
Forced many people to capture slaves
Raised awareness of slavery
Caused the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which also raised
South was angry with North
Caused enmity between North and South Reward for Captured Slaves:
Rewards varied from 6 cents to $2,500. Some people who were very involved in the Underground Railroad like Harriet Tubman were wanted for much larger sums of money such as Harriet Tubman who was wanted for $40,000.
Safe Houses:
Safe houses were houses that were owned either by free african americans or people who were against slavery. Some locations of safe houses were:
Uncle Brown’s Cabin
Tabor Antislavery Historic District
And much more... Thanks for watching!!!
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