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The legend of Sleepy hollow

No description

LeAnna Headley

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The legend of Sleepy hollow

Background Info

- Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783 in Manhattan, New York. His parents were William Irving Sr. and Sarah Irving. He was the youngest of 11 children. He read a lot of his fathers tales in the library which later affected his writings. He became interested in politics, where he would send letter essays under the pseudonym (with a fake name). He really loved writing and had a talent for it too. He moved to England in May of 1815. He lived there for 17 years where he published his famous book, "The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon", which involves some well known stories such as, "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". He returned to America and later died on November 28, 1859 in New York.
Static Character/Antagonist : Headless Horseman and Brom Bones
Ichabod Crane
He is the main character of the story. He is a skinny, lanky, loosely-hung man who is the school teacher in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Although gentle-manlike and charming, he is poor and doesn't make enough money to make ends meet. In his spare time, he teaches music to the townspeople and sings for the church choir. Ichabod falls in love with one of his musical students, Katrina Van Tassel.
This is known about Ichabod because the narrator of the story explains it to the readers.
Exposition: Ichabod Crane is introduced, as the schoolmaster, a charming man that is all-around well liked.
Rising Action: Ichabod Crane gets an invitation to the Van Tassel Castle.
Climax: The Headless Horseman shows up on Ichabod's path home, on his nightly search for his head.
Falling Action: Gunpowder, the horse that Ichabod had ridden to the party, returned home without his saddle, and without Ichabod.
Resolution: Ichabod was never found but it is said that his ghost still haunts the remains of his old schoolhouse. Some say that you can still hear him sing his pslam tunes.

Point of View
"The Legend of Sleep Hollow" is written in third-person limited. This point of view adds to the story because it allows you to know how Ichabod is viewed by the town, not just how he views himself. It also allows for the readers to know more about the other suitors of Katrina. However, it is limited because the author is unable to tell us certain events that take place in the story because he is "uncertain."
The legend of Sleepy hollow
By: LeAnna Headley, Emily Brayton, Erika Workman, and Grace Kim
Story By: Washington Irving
Washington Irving
Literary Elements
Dynamic character/Protagonist: Ichabod Crane
Non-Fiction Article
Works Cited:
The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow contains suspense , irony, and foreshadowing. There is suspense when Ichabod sees a dark figure at a distance ahead on his path, and doesn't know who he is or why he is watching him. Also, there is irony because when it is dark outside, to keep from being scared while walking home Ichabod sings a song, but when the "Headless Horseman" was near him he was so full of fear that he couldn't even mumble a sound. Also, foreshadowing can be found all throughout the story because Ichabod is constantly referring to all the tales about the Headless Horseman, and how he loves many different scary stories, but that one is his favorite.

Images & Info
May, Charles E. "Washington Irving." Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia (2013): Research Starters. Web. 16 Oct. 2014.
"The True Story Behind The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." ZING Blog by Quicken Loans. Accessed October 21, 2014. http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/true-story-legend-sleepy-hollow.

Plot Diagram
There are three conflicts in this story:
1. Man vs. Self: Ichabod is poor and doesn't make enough money to live on his own. Also, he has many fears.
2. Man vs. Man: Ichabod and Brom Bones compete for Katrina's heart
3. Man vs. Nature: Ichabod is scared of the Headless Horsemen hiding in the shadows of the night. He is also scared of the town in general at night, especially near the church graveyard.
In "The Legend of The Sleepy Hollow," the reader can feel an aura of darkness. It is very eerie, always talking about supernatural things with many different stories about haunted ghosts. Also, it makes the reader fearful because of the gruesome tales that are told in the story.
This is an image of the Headless Horseman, a ghost character who is said to wonder the streets of Sleepy Hollow at night searching for his missing head
This is a sign for the town of Sleepy Hollow, the small village where the story was set, near Tarrytown, New York
"The True Story Behind The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
By: Amanda Pallay
This article explains the plot of Sleepy Hollow and its relation to Dutch folklore. It also talks about how the location and characters are taken from reality. In the 1700s, near the area of Tarry Town, there were many German horsemen serving for the British Empire. A headless corpse was found in this area and buried in the town, thus the inspiration for the headless horsemen. Also, Ichabod Crane was an actual military man that Irving had met, but he was only the inspiration for the name of the character. The personality came from a friend of Irving's, Jesse Merwin. The author of this article, Amanda Pallay, took a trip to New York, stayed in Tarry Town, and even got to visit Sleepy Hollow. She describes the town just as it was in the story, "At first sight, it's a beautiful and postcard-perfect New England town...But at night, the picturesque facade drops and every face becomes ominous, every noise becomes a bellow, nothing is what it seems."
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