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Website Based Projects for the ESL Classroom


Cindra Porter

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Website Based Projects for the ESL Classroom

Website Based Projects for the ESL Classroom
ICLC Conference 11.2.10

Cindra Visser

email list
Iowa ESL teachers
prezi vs. handouts

Why Use Technology in the ESL classroom?
Why use Technology?
TESOL Technology standards
Sample tour through specific websites
How to plan lessons using these sites
Small Groups - hands-on practice with peers
Large group - compare notes and discuss our experiences so far
Blogs, podcasts, tv shows, books online, project sharing, research, mind mapping, timelines, comic strips, flip books, posters...... and presentation such as this one using Prezi.
Lesson Planning
Language Learning Lesson Plans with Technology

Teaching about technology
Teaching through Technology

* Language and Content Objectives
Sample Sites and Lesson Plans

Sample Lesson PLans
1. elem
2. Secondary
What kind of online resouces can we use in lessons?
Content and Language Objectives

Motivation: intentional inclusion of a connection to previous learning
(previous personal experiences or connected to a previous lesson)

Scaffolding: the lesson is delivery is scaffolded in a 4-step process: (see diagram on 2nd page)
1.Teacher Models first
2.Guided practice – US – teacher does with students
3.Guided practice – students do with a partner
4.Independent – one student does it individually (in class then at home)

Assessment: there is a plan to assess to what degree the students know what you wanted them to know
or can do what you wanted them to do as a result of today’s learning experience.
Content Area/ Lesson Topic:

Targeted Language Domain:

Proficiency Level/Grade Level:


Key Vocabulary – there was a plan to specifically teach key terms and review them at the end of the lesson

Materials Needed – listed supplies, materials, handouts, technology needed, etc.
Break out Groups:
you may work alone or in groups
suggest work by grade level
brainstorm purpose of a lesson
choose target language domain
on ESL T&L web page, search for websites that would support your lesson objectives
sketch together a brief lesson plan outline
be ready to share this with the group in 40 minutes

Meaningful and efficient language teaching and learning
Students needs: Globalization, future employment connection to real life
Language skills development*
TESOL Technology standards*

Focus on how English language teachers can and should use technology
Prompt teachers to use technology in their teaching and provide guidance
Offer pedagogically solid ways of integrating and using technology in teaching methods
Goal 2, Standard 2 and Standard 3
TESOL Tech Standards

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