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Murder Case of Kathy Mabry

No description

brianna derosier

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Murder Case of Kathy Mabry

Murder Case of Kathy Mabry
Brianna Derosier
On March 25th, 1997 the body of 39 year-old Kathy Mabry was found in a vacant house in Belzoni, Mississippi.
Her killer slashed her face and throat after raping her, and left her to bleed to death.
However, bite marks were found on her torso during an autopsy.
Forensic Dentist
Michael West
was called in.
After a promise to Kathy's mother, Humphreys County Sheriff J.D. Roseman found the file of the case and with new technology advancement with CODIS in 1990, they begin to retest.
Bite Marks

The Mississippi crime lab still had the biological evidence on file, and because of the bite marks, they had compared the bite marks to a homicide in 2002 and the results were positive. He was put in jail in the Parchman Penitentiary.
Michael West used the pattern of the bite marks to match them to the suspect, her boyfriend that she had previous violent incidents with. Although, a year later DNA tests proved him innocent, and he was released from jail.
When being collected, first they must be photographed by normal lighting, with UV light, and other light sources. If the bite left an impression, the mark can casted.

Measurements must also be taken of the bite marks and teeth their being compared to. The bite mark must be swabbed for trace DNA
However, one source that was published on January 24th, 2013 says that the perpetrator was matched with another murder in 2002 , but an article published on November 14th, 2014 says the killer was also matched to a 2002 homicide, but that the killer was never found.
Plastic- three-dimensional
impressions cast in soft material, such as
soil, snow, or blood
Latent- hidden impressions
requiring special techniques to be
Patent- two-dimensional impressions that are already visible
Bite marks are Patent Impressions because you can see them, but they are 2-dimensional.
To compare bite marks, forensic odontologists compare number, size, alignment, fillings, distance between teeth and teeth condition.

In a crime investigation, bite marks can be used to collect DNA evidence, or can be compared to a suspects bite as evidence.
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