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AllTheWord -- aka. TBTA

No description

Jeremiah Chung

on 1 April 2018

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Transcript of AllTheWord -- aka. TBTA

TBTA Started as myths
Semantic Representation
What is the Basis of Semantic Representation -- TBTAish?
Transfer Grammar -- all bout rules
Synthesizing Grammar
Rule Based
Target Text
We can use other Scriptural Translation/Text Editing software to polish the text.
Text with USFM can be generated with Script app builder or publish trial versions in different format for community check/feedback.
The Bible Translators Assistant
Perfect Product
Lexical Grammar
How does Lexicon Relate to Lex. Grammars
What kind of anotation or tag available for TBTAish?
Grammar Rule
Click a button in TBTA: Screen scrolling for awhile。 Voila!!Trial Text displayed-- This is a draft and still need the human touch.
TBTA is not machine translate, but scriptural text generator based on semantic representation.

How do we do Feedback test?
What kind of questions to ask?
Who do the testing?
Whom being tested?
Current model -- test by one native speaker?
Consder Collaborative Online or App checking?
construct the morphological form
rule orders -- discussion?
categories and grouping of rules?
Users and the roles
Introduction Video
How can we have generic rules rather than specific?
Class for all data in MDB
think about better SQL
class for each view
class for executing all rules
consider to categoris into three classes
synthetic Grammar
transfer Grammar
Make object(data) and process with different figures
What the purpose separate transferring rules from synthesizing rules?
Statistic of Corpus of other Text, versions
configure of writing system
shall phonological issue handle here or at the end?
Chinese issue? Sorting?
Rules Library/Template
Global Syntax Repository
Glboal Typology respository
Choice of material:
Prayer items
Genre -- narrative? non-narrative?
Bible Stories -- One Story, Unfolding Word
Daily life stories
Narratives only
from easier to difficult
Template for typical syntax pattern
Shell books material
Health education

Why? What are the criteria for consideration?
Where do we put Ontology?
typological configuration
Text or Rules
or alltheword.org

Other alternatives:
1. tutorial frm TBTA/alltheword
2. the paper from the TBTA website
3. TBTA and Natural Language Generation from You Tube
Rapid Collection for Lexicon
Can we combine two grammars together?
Rengineering Bible Translation Process
spread sheet of Paratet data generated
Collaborative project of Multilingual Hebrew/Greek Lexion
See: A proposal presnted in the 47th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics
Engaging Asian Diaspora
DMin Thesis: Engaging Chinese Diaspora for Bible Translation Ministry
TBTA would like to have Chinese volunteers to localize
TBTA website. Please contact:
Tod.Allman at TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org
Morrison Network for Bible Translation
Paraconsultant help After editing with feedback from the community, Consultant Check and QA happened here。
Presentation about paraconsultant BT conference, Dallas, 2013
contact: Tod.Allman@TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org
or JC@TheBibleTranslatorsAssistant.org

Interface for human checking
1. Readable text, with highlight, drag and drop editing features. Send/Receive text to the hub.
2.Text plus Semanatic Representation with the above feature, plus logical color block representation, like
MIT-scratch program, the users can build their own block. http://scratch.mit.edu/
Wycliffe Associate
MAST project
Translaton Studio App
Tradtional project
version 1, version 2
FLEX - Language Explorer
Other Language Technology
Vocie Recognition tools
Optical Charater Recognition
Other Semantic Analysis project
Collaborative MultiLingual Lexicon Project

Legend: Grey and Blue, Deep and light color
Source code is available in

Restart the cycle for
fine tuning the process
Lesson 3 - Lession 14 are all about rules! Bureaucratic ...?
Isn't it scaring ....?
spell out and prharse structure
features copying/find andreplace
clitics and consitutent movement

pronoun & switch reference
complex concept insertion
feature adjustment
style of direct speech
Tense, Aspect and Mood
Download ATW software/dataset/tutorial/documents

Working on the rules is not for the faint- hearted!
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