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The Aurora Schools

Welcome to The Aurora Schools. Please be patient while the Virtual Open House video loads. We hope you enjoy this presentation!

Kellie Huff

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of The Aurora Schools

And one more thing...
Welcome to The Aurora Schools
In Georgia...
And Online for
Anytime, Everywhere Learning
Join us at Summer Camp
Creative Expression
Aurora Idol
Movin' and Groovin'
Weird Science
Join us On-Line
Our Mission: Make Every Child Successful
Welcome to Aurora, a 21st Century School
Join us for Specialized Tutoring...
...for Learning Acceleration Labs...
...and more.
400+ 6 - 12th Grade Accredited Courses
Meeting the U.S. Core Curriculum Standards
NCAA Approved High School Courses
Dual Enrollment with 5 Universities, including Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Kennesaw State and Liberty University.
We are Faculty, Staff, Parents and Community Partners.
Brain-Based Learning
Personalized Learning Plans
Differentiated Learning
Project-Based Learning
Competency/Mastery-Based Learning
Accelerated Learning
21st Century Education
Tuition and Financial Support
The most effective methodology for learning. Based on research in Neuroscience, psychology, and biology, Brain-based learning acknowledges how the brain processes information, patterns, meaningfulness, metacognition, emotions, body rhythms, movement, learning style and even gender.
Aurora incorporates the principles and practices of Neuroscience (Brain-based learning or Mind/Brain Education) to accelerate learning. We typically see between 1-3 years of progress each 12 weeks. This is the basis for Aurora's K-12+2+2 Program.
Aurora Schools
Each student receives standardized testing at the beginning of each year. A personalized learning plan is established for that year and progress is bench marked on a quarterly basis. The learning curve is tracked and regular adjustments are made to maintain consistent progress and accelerated learning.
Each student has a customized schedule
based on the Personalized Learning Plan. Each student is assigned an Academic Adviser to ensure success.
Many students are active learners. Therefore, we often bring learning to life, "hands on." From science projects, stock market and genealogy projects to monthly field trips, our students engage in all aspects of planning and implementing their projects.
The 21st century student is constantly engaged in learning. Therefore, sitting in a class for 8 or 16 weeks can actually slow down the learning and doesn't take into consideration all the other learning opportunities in a child's life. Competency- and mastery-based learning gives students credit for learning in and out of the classroom.
Making Every Student Successful takes dedication...
Join us in Blended Classes
Also called hybrid classes, blended classes allow students to take
our accredited online courses
within a classroom with teachers, and classmates. Weekly time
on-campus, blended with online learning anytime, everywhere = accelerated learning!
We are committed to state of the art accelerated learning. And we are committed to affordability. We keep our tuition and fees as affordable as possible, participate in Tax Credit Scholarship and other scholarship programs and partner with foundations and corporations to provide additional assistance for our families.
We Are...
Fully Accredited
Aurora: Your Brain, Better... Faster... Smarter.
Long Range Strategic Plan:
Aurora Vision: The Leader in Accelerated Learning and Performance in education, sports and corporate arenas. Number 1 in market share in 46 countries. Value $50 million.
Aurora Mission: Make every client successful
Aurora "Make or Break": Exponential growth in the number of clients served successfully
Where we've been...
Single Campus doing a superior job of serving a small number of students with learning challenges
Developing the Aurora Way
Where we are now
3 Campuses
Capital Raise
Achieving the "Make or Break"
It's a Small Schools Movement
Next Steps:

End of Year Testing
Every student receives nationally recognized, standardized testing at the end of each school year to measure their progress.
New Courses Added Regularly
Our curriculum offerings continue to grow. We're adding nearly 40 more electives - many of which are vocationally oriented - to our curriculum for Fall 2013.

A new, extensive computer sciences program is planned for rollout in Spring of 2014!
Talk with a Funding Solutions Coordinator today.
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