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laela nagi

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of FAHRENHEIT 451 GROUP 801

For example, the banning of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ between 1990 and years afterward. According to an article entitled “Anne Frank's Diary in US schools censorship battle,” the author states “...which includes around 30% of extra material left out of the original 1947 edition by Anne's father Otto – in which the young girl discusses her anatomy.” It is unreasonable to ban a book for describing the human body. There is nothing wrong with this, scientists describe it all the time, why can’t an 11 year old who is learning about her body and starting to hit puberty do the same?
Banning of Fahrenheit 451 (continued)
According to the article “The Life and Times of Ray Bradbury,” under the subtitle “Literature and Censorship” it states, “Fourteen years after Fahrenheit 451' s initial release, some educators succeeded in persuading its publisher to release a special edition. This edition modified more than seventy-five passages to eliminate mild curse words, and to "clean up" two incidents in the book. (A minor character, for example, was changed from "drunk" to "sick.") When Bradbury learned of the changes, he demanded that the publishers withdraw the censored version, and they complied. Since 1980, only Bradbury's original text has been available. As a result, some schools have banned the book from course lists.”

This supports how people are just going overboard with censorship and just like that they started to change a perfectly good book and making it curse free or not be offensive, but the truth is that the world is
perfect and books are just a
of that.

Why else?
By: Laela Nagi, Marcelyne Tineo, Diana Reynoso, Kelsie Minaya, Jeremy Fermin, Alexander Paulino, Christian Guaman, and Crisael Mena
Fahrenheit 451 Book Reading Analysis

Censorship plays a huge role in society but it would not be beneficial to censor because it hides reality and it buries the truth from the world. Also, it abolishes the freedom of expression from the people. People censor things all the time, and it’s never advantageous.
What do we think about censorship?
According to another article entitled “Anne Frank’s Diary Too Explicit for School,” the author states “...all of which complained about its sexual content and/or tragic nature.” The book was also referred to as “a real downer.” We think that this is basically rejecting reality because the world itself, and all of it’s tragedies are real downers. If this book is “a real downer,” then what about the news? We also it want to remind you that Anne Frank’s book was a diary. It was a book near and dear to her where she could escape into a world of her own and distract her from the terrifying place she lived in.
Banning of Fahrenheit 451
The book Fahrenheit 451 was also banned just like The Diary of Anne Frank just because of mild curse words such as “Hell” and “Damn.” There were other complaints of offensive events occurring in the book such as burning the Christian Bible,which proves the point that books should not be censored if they do not want this to happen.

It all starts small, censoring small things, then these things transform into bigger things, until we completely alter the literature. Or even dispose of it completely.
Should any books be banned?
We believe that books should not be banned because if they are prohibited, then our knowledge would be limited. Also, if books are banned then history and culture would be forgotten, since there would be no trace of these stories.
The banning of books can also impact the outcome of religion. If there are no bibles to practice the religion, then the religion would no longer be practiced. On the other hand, we can understand how in some areas books can be violating their way of life, that doesn’t mean they should ban the book from the whole society because after all, it’s just an opinion. To ban certain books for the way they were written is preposterous. Books are the way people express themselves, the way they think. If certain books like The Diary of Anne Frank were banned how would we would not know about history. How would we know about the Holocaust? Literature explaining their suffering should be allowed to be expressed. Finally, we believe books should not be banned for nonsense such as having certain curse words or showing signs of pornography, its the readers choice whether to read the book or not, and there are worse things in the world than a curse word or depicting the human anatomy.
According to the text entitled, “Against Banning Books,” by Neha K., the author states,“The Diary of Anne Frank. Animal Farm. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Da Vinci Code. The Grapes of Wrath. These literary classics have been vital to the education of many, especially children and adolescents. These great novels both teach important values and educate children about world affairs and classic themes.” Also “Fahrenheit 451” was banned and it was based on fantasy that teaches us a lesson about how the banning of books and censorship can lead to a future full of people not acknowledging our history and not even having any knowledge to understand what books mean.

Books should also not be banned because we established this world by using books and remembering historic moments that were important to the people in our world. Think about the text books we have at school, they teach us about the past. If all of this was gone, we are bound to repeat history.
In the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the author states “We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?" Things being censored, is destroying what reality is. How can we be bothered about “something real,” if everything around us is not true and sugarcoated?
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