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Trash by Andy Mulligan

No description

Kenneth F

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Trash by Andy Mulligan

Trash by Andy Mulligan

Raphael, Gardo, and Rat.
Dump site boys
Rely on each other to succeed in their mission.
Have no homes, no parents, no education, and no money.
The boys lie and trick people to get them to help them.
They learn to fend for themselves
Great story
Not too short but is a good, quick read
Very immersive and action-packed
I wish it were longer
Changes perspectives often- can sometimes be tricky to follow
Author writes clearly and strait to the point
Doesn't include many difficult words
Central Idea(s)
Boys have learned to use give resources efficiently and usefully in order to do what needs to be done
Work very well as a group
Dangerous incidents encountering the police don't set them back, it motivates them to continue their amazing act of teamwork
14 years old
Best friends with Gardo
Lives with aunt and younger cousins
Experienced trash-picker
Doesn't wear shoes
Ragged clothing
Rat (Jun-Jun)
Two to three years younger than the other two
Skinny, underfed
Has no family-lost everything
Real name: Jun-Jun
Lives at the dump site and stays in a rusted out frame of a belt machine
Fastest out of the three
Dirty, and run-down
Kenneth Franks
Per. 6/8
Mrs. Glancey.
Mainly takes place in the dingy, poor, run down town called Behala
Book never tells you the exact location of the town
Boys live in the large, vacant dump site
They travel all over the place like to the large city of Central, a prison, different towns, and the mansion of a house a senator lives in
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Hispanic third-world country.
Main characters: three boys and their allies
Live at dump site and sell things they find.
Told from a variety of perspectives
Displays the hardships of living in a poor country
A thrilling race against the police.
Includes schools, jails, and cities
Pages: 232
Boys never stop working and trying hard
The trio disregard the police and refuse to turn themselves which puts them further ahead of the authority
From the moment their journey to the end of they story, they never seem to settle or slow down.
Are determined to close the case
Slightly older than Raphael
Bigger and stronger than him
Looks after him, tells him what to do
Pushes him around
Taken many beatings
Thin as a whip
Three boys on an amazing expedition after they've found a small bag
Bag wanted by police
Boys decide to keep it
That decision led to countless runs with the police, unruly interrogations and the solving of a complex mystery
Face many consequences
All have the same goal-to succeed in life
Lexile: 850
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