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Housekeeping Department

No description

beverly yao

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Housekeeping Department

Grand Margherita Hotel
Kuching Sarawak

• Built adjacent to a shopping complex and a government building namely Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex and Sarawak Economic Development Corporation building.
Organizational Chart
• Formerly known as Holiday Inn
• First international hotel in Kuching, Sarawak
• One of the most ancient building in Sarawak
• Build in the year of 1976
• Giving a scenic view of the Sarawak's River and the Malay villages across the river
• The only Kuching Hotel that is situated by the Sarawak River.
• The hotel is rated as a 4 Star hotel
• Located in the heart of Kuching city’s business, entertainment and shopping district.
• Kuching, Waterfront, Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, Main Bazaar, and Fort Magherita are among the Tourist destination/attractions that is nearby to the hotel.
Job Descriptions
Organizational Chart
Executive Housekeeper
Assistant Housekeeper
Housekeeping Supervisor
Public Area Supervisor
Public Area Attendant
Cloack Room Attendants
Head Gardener
Room Attendant
House Man
Linen Room Supervisor
Linen Tailor/Runner
• Supervises all housekeeping employees, recruit and train new employees, discharge employees only when necessary and take disciplinary actions when policies are not followed
• Plans the work for the housekeeping department and distributes assignments accordingly
• To constantly strive to please all guests that she/he may come into contact with during working hours
• To handle guest’s complaints in accordance with hotel policy, reporting all complaints to Rooms Division Manager.
Executive Housekeeper
Support the executive housekeeper and other cleaning supervisors in all duties of the housekeeping operation.
Coordinate, schedule and supervise housecleaning staff.
Inspects building areas for proper cleaning, and inventory cleaning supplies.
Provide on-the-job training, coordinate the housekeeping schedule and facilitate communications among guests, housekeeping staff and other hotel managers.
Assistant Executive Housekeeper
Responsible for the supervision and control of cleaning and servicing for all bedrooms, restaurants, function and public rooms in the hotel and homes.
Their job duties are critical in the effective supervision of the hotel, as cleanliness is of the highest priority in the hospitality industry

Leadership, problem-solving, and decisiveness are critical for success in this role.
Public Area Supervisor
Responsible to supervise the daily operations of the Public Area Housekeeping Department
works closely with many different departments to ensure cleanliness throughout the property.
Assisting with staff scheduling, coordinating and various deep cleaning projects
Public Area Attendants
Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of all public areas of the hotel, both interior and exterior.
Such as the public restrooms, the front desk and office.
Helps to promote a positive image of the property to guests.
They must be friendly, pleasant and also is able to address guests request and problems.
Plans and designs annual and perennial flower beds.
Trains ground personnel in the techniques of pruning, wound dressing, cavity repair, and the cabling and bracing of trees and shrubs
Room Attendant
Focuses on cleaning and maintenance.
Required to change bed linens, replace towels and facecloths and restock toilet tissue, complimentary toiletries and refreshments offered for sale in the rooms' mini bars.
Treating customers with courtesy and respect by honoring their privacy is important for hotel room attendants.
Alert their supervisors of any room damage or need for additional cleaning or room supplies
Performs all the behind-the-scenes maintenance to ensure hotel rooms and facilities are clean and functioning properly.
Must be able to move around quite a bit, be able to lift things and exhibit a professional attitude toward his work and the hotel's management team.
Linen Room Supervisor
Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in storing linens and wearing apparel, assembling loads for driver, sales route, and maintaining stock in linen supply establishments and assigns duties to workers.
Interviews employees to resolve complaints and grievances
Keep the hotel clean, safe and infection-free, yet maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
Function and Objective
Works closely with other departments in making the hotel a pleasant and safe place for the guests.
Rules and Regulations
Always be friendly and polite to the guests.
Always clocked in and out for the hours you have worked that day at the Time Office.
After changing into your uniform, you must sign the Department Payroll sheets in the Housekeeping Department Office before going to your assigned floors.
Each Morning – all employees must check the bulletin board outside the Scheduling Office for their assigned floors and any notation by their names.
Workers must show respect for each and everyone they work for and can expect to have the same in return. Treat others as you would wish to be treated
Safety precautions must be taken at all times in order to avoid injury.
Rubber gloves are to be used at all times for your protection.
No smoking in the hallways, guestrooms or linen lockers.
Do not open a guestroom for anyone, whether it is a guest or an employee. Advise a guest to go to the front desk for assistance to get another key.
If you break a guest item, immediately inform your inspector and give him or her a description.
After 3.45PM, return the cart to the Locker Room.
Always be sure all Lost and Found items are turned into the Inspector with the proper paperwork completed.
Deluxe King
Deluxe Twin
Superior King
Superior Twin
The Swimming
Hotels Lobby
The End
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