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Substitute Training

No description

Terrie McNabb

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of Substitute Training

Welcome to the AISD
Professional Substitute Training


Sign in.

Pick up handouts.

Why are we here?
Objectives for Today:
Substitute Teacher Pre-Quiz
#1 is TRUE
#2 is TRUE
# 2
Review district policies including sexual harassment, bullying, child abuse, technology and worker's comp procedures.
Review tips for effective subs
Sign paperwork to document that you have been trained in policies and procedures.
Please complete the "Substitute Teacher Pre-Quiz".
You may work as a group.
We will check this in 10 minutes.
A substitute is considered a non-contract employee and their employment can be terminated at any time by either the employee or the district.
Page 7
Page 7. If the district has reasonable suspicion of misconduct.
A school district official can search an employee’s car parked on district property.
# 3
You have been hired as a substitute for Mr. Depp who is also a coach. Mr. Depp has athletics first period. You do not have to report to the High School until second period.
#3 is FALSE
Page 7. You are required to be on campus and available the entire day, regardless of duty assignments. Please report to the office if you have an "off" period.
You are subbing for Mrs. Lopez who has conference at 10:30. The campus secretary asks you to cover Mr. Washington’s class at 10:30 so that he can attend an ARD meeting. The district does have the right to ask you to work during the teacher’s planning time as long as you still receive a 30 minute lunch.
#3 is TRUE
Page 7
# 4
It is possible that you may be “blocked” from seeing certain substitute opportunities.
#4 is TRUE
Page 7
# 5
Substitutes are paid each month on the 29th and are paid after service.
You are subbing for PE Coach, Mr. Romo. While demonstrating a soccer kick for students, you fall and injure your back. You should notify HR after you go to the doctor and treatment has begun.
#7 is FALSE
Page 9. You must notify the campus secretary immediately after the accident and fill out a form.
The form is then forwarded to HR so they can report to worker's comp.
# 5 is TRUE
You will be paid on the 29th of the month following the month of your service. Page 8.
# 8
Substitute teachers are not required to adhere to the Texas Educator’s Code of Ethics.
# 8 is FALSE
Page 17. Please carefully read the Texas Educator's Code of Ethics.
Mr. Clinton, a neighboring teacher, constantly makes inappropriate comments toward you about how attractive you are. You have ignored him and asked him politely to stop, but he repeats the behavior each time you sub on that campus. It is probably best for you to stop accepting jobs at that campus.
#9 is FALSE
Page 19. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; sexually motivated physical, verbal, or nonverbal conduct or communication that is so severe that it effects the employee's job performance or creates an offensive work environment. Look at other types of harassment.
Miss GaGa is a 21 year old former student and substitute for our district. She is still friends with several seniors and attends parties and social events with them where alcohol is served. Miss GaGa’s position as a substitute can be in jeopardy because of these relationships.
#10 is TRUE
Page 29 and Texas Educator Code of Ethics. Employees shall not form romantic or other inapproriate social relationships with students. Any sexual relationships is prohibited even if consensual.
You are subbing for Ms. Swift’s first grade class. A student comes in with bruises on her face. When you ask what happened, the student says that Mommy got angry with her. You have known the mother for years and she is an upstanding member of the community. Since you know the mother, the appropriate action is to call and ask her about the bruises.
#11 is FALSE
Page 31. You are required to notify the campus principal and to report to CPS. Do not discuss any student issue with anyone, including other teachers, students, or parents.
You are subbing for Mr. Greenjean’s agriculture class. The students are self-directed working on individual projects in the shop. Since you have little interaction with them, it would be acceptable for you to play a game on your cell phone or the teacher’s computer.
#12 is FALSE
Page 36. You should turn off your cell phone during times when you are responsible for students. You should also continuously monitor student's by walking the room. Proximity will decrease discipline issues. Do not sit behind the desk.
A substitute is responsible for knowing the procedures for different types of school emergencies.
#13 is TRUE
Page 36 and Emergency Procedures Tag.
You are subbing for Mr. Nye’s high school science class. A student in class claims to have a headache and her friend in the class offers her some Tylenol. Since it is just a simple pain reliever, it is okay to allow the girl to take the medicine.
#14 is FALSE
Page 39. Only the school nurse can administer medications, including pain relievers, to students.
A student in the 5th grade class you are subbing for confides in you about another student who is bullying him. The most appropriate action is to relay the report to the campus counselor and the teacher.
# 15 is TRUE
Page 40. Read the definition of bullying according to law.
It is inappropriate for a substitute to use a district computer or network for personal reasons.
#16 is TRUE
Page 43. Please read the acceptable use policy.
You have substituted on both the Laurel and Hardy Elementary Campuses. In your opinion, your experience is better at the Hardy Elementary. Since you have a right to speak publicly about your opinion, you facebook about your experiences. Your job as a substitute in the district cannot be in jeopardy because of your right to free speech.
#17 is FALSE
Texas Educator Code of Ethics. An educator may not make false statements regarding a colleague or the school district. Negative public comments also contribute to a hostile work environment. Please take complaints through the appropriate chain of command.
# 18
When the AESOP system calls you for a job and you are not available, simply hang up on the system to cancel the calls.
# 18 is FALSE
Page 49. AESOP Tips.
You are subbing at the campus your personal children attend. You have some time to kill during your lunch. It would be perfectly acceptable to visit your child’s classroom during your free time.
#19 is FALSE
Page 50. Although we greatly appreciate your presence on campus, visits to your child's classroom can not only disrupt your child's learning environment, but could possibly disrupt others'.
If the student is wandering around the class after the substitute has announced it is time to sit down. You should automatically assign the child a detention, write his/her name on the board, or send them to the front office.
#20 is FALSE
Page 50. The philosophy of discipline at Aubrey ISD is one that corrects behavior issues while keeping the student's dignity in tact. Writing a name on the board or publicly admonishing a student is never acceptable.
Talents of an
Effective Manager
Discipline With Dignity
1. Eye Contact/Signal
2. Proximity of Body
3. Name used in a positive way.
4. Give a task during learning
5. Private Reminder
6. Document
7. Conference/Discipline
AISD Dress Code
Page 51. Review Dress Code.
Thank you for coming!
Before you leave, please:
Sign the Receipt of Substitute Handbook Form and
Fill out the evaluation form
Thank you! Terrie : )
Why do we have to have a sub training?
We had a risk assessment representative come to our school. One of the areas we were audited on was Substitute and Auxillary personnel training. Although we've had some informal orientations in the past, these did not address those legal policies that you are held accountable for by being an employee of our district such as sexual harassment, bullying, and dress code.
It is required that all AISD employees direct deposit their paychecks.
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