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No description

Mohit Garg

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of MGSM860-StratMgmt-SolarPower-V1.0

The Photovoltaics Andrew Hopper
Bilal Alam
Hasnain Zaheer
Mohit Garg
Sivakumar Swaminathan PROGRESSIVE SNAPSHOT TRENDS Conclusion Global Strategy : Distinctiveness Questions World Cumulative PV Production, 1985 - 2010 Annual Solar PV Production in Selected Countries, 1995 - 2010 Global PV Capacity Cluster manufacturing in China Cultural orientation encourages cooperation over individual brilliance. Federal & Local government encouragement. Well established
supply chain. Strategic
Outlook CHINA INDIA China & Trina Solar RBV strategies Typical late comer firm (LCF) strategy Diamond model analysis Factor
Condition Related and
Support Industries Government Chance Demand
Condition Firm Strategy,
Structure and Rivalry Factor conditions Abundant solar energy resources High generation costs and the on-grid power price PV power projects & pro grammes by Government Advanced technologies
: Higher efficiency & lower cost
: Technological difficulties ........ Demand conditions Overall market Installed capacity On-grid PV systems Industry Advantages Industry Challenges Global Energy Consumption and Electricity Production Aggressively scaled up production capacity Counter cyclical investments Manufacturers of dominant technology Resource position barriers: Trina Solar Branding & Visibility Influencing Received 222 patents out of 586 patent applications. Technology Licensing Setting Technical Committee 82 (IEC/TC82) Standards Continued… Vertical integration Cost Focus Strategy
- Doing things better than the rest. Overseas Subsidiaries Partnerships with leading installers, distributors, utilities and developers to saturate market. VRIN : Trina Solar Solar Power and Solar Industry in India 300 clear sunny days. Theoretically, Assuming 10% efficiency, annual power demand can be met with PV in 0.83% of the total area of Rajasthan. Economics – GFC, PV cost, PV technology. Solar PV power in India is expected to achieve grid-parity by 2018. Existing PV industry – 66% is exported National Solar Mission 2022. Grid-Connected 20GW. Local PV sourcing requirements. Yearly production capacity of 4 to 5 GW. Rising Domestic Demand (including off-grid) Moser Baer
Strategy Analysis Moser Baer – Strategy Analysis Digital Storage. Optical disk(CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray). Wanted to do a business away from technology.

2005 Moser Baer Solar - PV cells and modules

Early 2008 Moser Baer Projects - Power Generation (Thermal, Hydro and Solar).

2008 Moser Baer Clean Energy Limited - Renewable power projects all over the world.

Encirclement as opposed to Confrontation. CONVERGENCE & FOCUS: Power Projects Moser Baer – Strategy Analysis PV modules and cell technology

Partnership with Munro Solar. Increase access to US market. BORROWING BLENDING & BALANCING Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Successfully integrating diverse functional skills (R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales and after sales)
Production + Distribution + Service Moser Baer – Strategy Analysis Moser Baer brand recycling.

New Applications - Cross selling PVs to both off-grid and on-grid. Solutions selling.

Expertise gained and linkages created through various power projects (thermal, hydro and solar). RECYCLING SHIELDING Moser Baer Project and Moser Baer Clean Energy sourcing PVs from Moser Baer Solar.

Growing the Solutions Selling market. Moser Baer – Strategy Analysis Matching PV production capacity of Moser Baer Solar with the solution selling of Moser Baer Clean Energy

Preventing excess capacity and production.

Global brand with Global quality certification.

Allowing for quick recovery of resources. RECOVERY Moser Baer – Strategy R&D and innovation Latecomer catch-up strategies Tap into advanced technologies avoiding previous technological trajectories. Availability of knowledge and technology road map Linkage, leverage and learning cycles. Complementarities via EPC Leverage low cost unskilled labour. Leverage skilled and tertiary educated population Insertion in regional and global value chains Formation of development blocks and clusters Indian Solar PV Firms imitating Suzlon's Business Model to catch up with the Chinese Incumbents to succeed at a global level The Proposition..... Resource Barriers Manufacturing Competencies Patents and Licensing Cost Leadership Partnerships and R&D Domestic
Market Skilled
Workforce Cluster
Development R&D & tech partnerships with leading universities such as MIT, ANU. Exponential production increase Trina @ Jiangsu, China
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