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The Golden Fleece

A great hero from ancient times (Jason) got a band of bold men together to set sail for Colchis to find the golden fleece.

colton marek

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece Colton Marek Group members jason
Character List King aeson King pelias


Relationship Map jason was raised in a cave by a centaur named chiron.
jason is son of the king of iolcus. Hero's Origin jason goes on a quest to retrive the golden fleece for king pelias in return for the throne and scepter. Hero's Quest & Conflict The real only dangers in this quest was a dragon that gaurded the golden fleece. other then that there were the dragon warrior people in the feilds of ares. Dangers on the Quest the outcome of the quest was that jason did indeed get the golden fleece. He also married medea. Outcome of the Quest Visual
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