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Negative effects of computers on the enviornment and human health

By Xu Weng and Anson Zhou

Mustafa /Anson Khan/Z

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Negative effects of computers on the enviornment and human health

But,luckily for us there are many ways the negative effects can be reduced. How do Computers affect our Environment? Other Ways computer affects the enviornment How do Computers Affects the Human Body? Have all schools use LED monitors instead of CRT Electricity Consumption Computers use about 100watts of electricity while in idle
Even if the computer is turned off it still uses 1-5 Watts of electricity
Turning off the computer when not in use will save a lot of electricity as the cost for electricity builds up fast. Adjust your computer brightness
Close your eyes for a brief moment after using the computer for a long period of time
Buy energy efficient monitors and components when building a computer. There are little ways too! We want to preserve our body and this world as
long as we can. Remember, don't let computers affect your health and help the environment by reducing the amount of e-waste. This will help everyone including yourself in the long run. Conclusion E-waste contains a lot of heavy metals such as lead, and cadmium which are highly toxic.
These metals cause acid leaching which contaminates ecosystems nearby.
CADMIUM: breathing cadmium can damage the lungs and cause death.
LEAD: attacks the nervous system in mammals. Intaking large amounts of lead will develop blood anemia, kidney damage, severe stomach aches, muscle weakness and brain damage severe enough to kill.
Common E-wastes from computers are from : Computer monitors, and circuitry. How Does E-Waste Effect The Environment? Obesity : Obesity is when a person has more fat than an average person. Obesity can be caused by not exercising and constantly sitting in front of the computer. This makes the intake of calories/carbohydrates larger than the use of it which allows the excess calories/carbohydrates to be stored as fat.
Musculoskeletal : Pain from your bones, muscles joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Musculoskeletal is caused by the position you're body is orientated in front of the computer. Ex: back leaned in = curved spine, and tilted wrist = curved wrist.
Stress+depression+disfunctional body parts = lack of sleep. It affects your overall mood within the day and can affect you body. Ex: vision problems. Health Problems Get regular exercise
Take a break from the computer approximately every hour or so
Visit the gym once a week
Go experience the outdoors (socialize)
Buy ergonomic equipments
Ergonomic : Providing comfort and to avoid stress or injury.
Ex: bench station Ways to Prevent Health Problems from Computers E-Waste stands for Electronic Waste
E-wastes are electronics that are thrown away by its owner.
In 2008 over 300 million ton of E-Waste was produced by United States alone
Only 13.6% of E-Waste was recycled in 2007
All else were left at the dump E-Waste Resources Turn off the computer when not in use
Do not idle your computer
Only use the computer when needed
Switch to a laptop that only consumes a fraction of a PC's daily electricity needs Ways to Reduce Negative Effects of Computers on the Environment and Human Health By : Xu , Anson This is a picture of a guy who has health problems from his computer addiction Schools can limit the amount of paper each teacher can use for assignments every year to save the trees!
You can use alternative sources such as digital assignment papers to reduce the use of paper. Your Computer THANK YOU FOR LISTENING Make Phys. Ed mandatory for all grades Rogers Limit the amount of hours an employee can spend on the computer while at work Target Audience Our target audience would be for teenagers in high school specifically in grade 10. We are trying to inform you on the negative effects computers have on the environment and on your health and what you can do to prevent it. That is our GOAL! What Can We Do To Prevent E-Waste? Always remember, 3 R's : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
You can reduce by taking care of your computer so it will last longer. (Less waste created)
Buy refurbished computer parts whenever possible(reuse)
Recycle defective computer parts (= no landfills) References https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid-crystal_display#Overview
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