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Southern Africa

No description

Zane Hall

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Southern Africa

Southern Africa
by Brandon Traditional People Government Popular Culture Visit? Afrikaners: Decendants of ancient Dutch Settlers
3/5 people live in the urban Region Christianity is most popular in South Africa.
Some gather on Saturday nights to make offerings.
African Independent Churches broke off from European Catholic and Protestant groups.
Independent churches combine African beliefs with Christian beleifs.
Lesotho, Swaziland. and Botswana are homelands for distinctive ethnic groups Countries and Locations:
Angola-10 Degrees South, 20 Degrees East
Namibia- 20 Degrees South, 20 Degrees East
South Africa- 30 Degrees South, 20 Degrees East
Mozambique- 15 Degrees South, 35 Degrees East
Botswana- 24 Degrees South, 30 Degrees East
Zambia- 15 Degrees South, 27 Degrees East
Lesotho- 28 Degrees South, 27 Degrees East
Malawi- 24 Degrees South, 34 Degrees East
Swaziland- 27 Degrees South, 33 Degrees East
Cabinda- 6 Degrees South, 14 Degrees East Landforms:
Plateaus and Mountains- Great Escarpment
Deserts- Namib and Kalahari
Rivers- Zambezi (Longest),Limpopo, and Orange Climate:
Marine West Coast
Humid Subtropical
Tropical Rainforests
Mediterranean Malawi is a multiparty government.
The rest of the countries in Southern Africa are Democratic governments. Democratic governments: power is hailed and ezercised by the people I would like to visit Southern Africa because I already know Christianity and I would like to learn more, see the Great Escarpent, and talk to Afrikaners. I would like to learn more about Christianity because I don't really go to church when I'm supposed to. so I don't learn much about God and Christ's time. I thank that Southern Africa would teach me more. Another reason is that I would like to visit the Great Escarpment somewhere in Southern Africa. I say this because it is one of the biggest plateaus in Southern Africa. One last reason Is that I would like to talk to Africaners and understand their culture. Physical Geography
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