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Copy of Cafe Business Presentation

No description

Sharon Senior

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Cafe Business Presentation

Cafe Fermata
Business Plan by Robbie Crowder, Boas Lee, Danielle Tobin, Yoseph Kim, Scott Katsma, and Alisah Hilt
What is Cafe Fermata
We serve quality drinks and pastries
Relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for hanging out
Specific hours for "open playlist" - upload your music to play in the cafe
Live music
Values of our Business
Excellence - quality and reliability

Innovation - environment of ideas

Integrity - honesty in finances, service, and reputation

Community Focus - building a friendly atmosphere
Social Responsibility
Cafe/coffee shop culture and the larger community culture
Personal culture tailored to customers
Mission Control: setting an example
developed a loyal customer base
have dedicated employees
be able to afford improvements in technology
be on track with our loan payments
market research before opening - research pricing, atmosphere, location, etc.
target market will be young adults - high school, college, young professionals
promotions and word of mouth will be especially important to attract customers
loyalty program:
cards with rewards after so many drinks bought
music preferences saved
Laws and Licensing
SWOT Analysis
unique atmosphere
small business - no chain of command confusion
strong values
lack of capital
lack of initial profit
lack of customer base
local market is strong
many local bands looking for venues
slow economy
strong competition
unstable supply
risk of small business market
Launching Cafe Fermata
we will begin advertising our cafe and launch event early with flyers around the community
soft opening period: October 22-27
Launch Party: invite friends and community to enjoy live band and drinks
Promotion during first month buy a drink and get a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free to encourage people to come back and bring a friend
Vision for the Future (3-4 years)
We want to provide our community with quality products, quality service, and a quality environment to connect and relax.

capitalize on strong local market opportunity and our unique music-focused atmosphere to set ourselves apart from competition
use advertising/marketing to attract customers and build a loyal base, which will also help create profit
How will we address our opportunities, strengths, threats, and weaknesses?
sell coffee drinks, tea, other cafe drinks - coffee/tea comes from wholesaler every 6 months
sell pastries from local bakery wholesaler - delivered every other day
Supply Chain
our bakery/cafe suppliers - environmentally and socially conscious business practices
EX. Grand Central Bakery (focus on sustainable, local ingredients)
our coffee/tea suppliers will follow fair trade practices
EX. Grounds for Change (locally owned, fair trade wholesaler)
maintain a record of our sales so we can judge how to stock our inventory for the next month
good turnover - sell our products before they spoil
seasonal fluctuations
EX. product inventory - milk, syrups, coffee beans, tea, sugar, creamer, etc.
EX. cafe supplies - napkins, straws, cups, lids, ceramic dishes/cups, etc.
advertise our opening with flyers around the area - draw new customers
overview of our cafe
emphasize atmosphere/music
maintain connection with customers through Facebook page
code word for half-off drink, or free pastry, etc.
customers can post with comments/questions
Business License (City of Seattle) - Department of Licensing
Unified Business Identifier Number (tax registration number)
Unemployment Insurance and Industrial Insurance
Register with the Internal Revenue Service
Employer Identification Number
Income Tax
City of Seattle Municipal Business Tax
City of Seattle Property and Personal Property Tax
Division of Child Support: Department of Social and Health Services
must report all newly hired and rehired employees
Us Citizenship and Immigration Services
must get a completed Federal I-9 form for every employee
Organizations to Contact
Washington State Business and Professional License Website
avoid reserved name infringement
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
be aware of US Copyright Laws for music
Employment Laws
Business and Occupation Tax
Must collect Retail Sales Tax (.095)
King County Food Service Permit
must submit business plan for review
All employees must obtain Food Worker Card
take class through King County Public Health
Start planning and saving
Acquire loan, sign, building lease, and begin remodeling
advertise and distribute marketing (including details for Launch Party)
order and stock store with products, train employees
soft opening period: October 22-27, final remodel and adjustments
Grand Opening and Launch Party: November 1, 2012
begin paying back loans, track revenue and product trends (adjust and fine-tune to clientele)
continue advertising, networking, planning and booking bands/promotions
after positive net profit: incorporate newer technology, consider expansion
Sustainable Growth
Execution Timeline and Schedule
average 12 oz. coffee - $3.25, average 16 oz. coffee - $3.80
average 12 oz. tea - $2.00, average 16 oz. tea - $2.75
average pastry - $2.50
Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Seattle Land Use Code Ch. 23.55
need Sign Permit (involves fee)
Technology in Advertising
Facebook promotions
Technology in Everyday Operations
cash register for transactions
computer to keep track of transactions and inventory
wi-fi hotspot for customers
espresso machinery - keep updated
Technology to Create Atmosphere
computer in middle of cafe - database of music (much like an iPod)
customer would pick artist/song they like
computer would put artist/song into playlist and would play it within fifteen minutes of customer entering preference
database would store artists/songs that are chosen and would play most common songs - over time those most common songs would become the trend/style of the cafe
Running an ethical business is good for business
Fairness in policy and sales practices, both with suppliers, customers, and employees
Practice business honestly, openly, and legally
set vision and direction for business
"other" AND goal oriented
understand vision - help carry it out in the workplace
lead and encourage employees in the workplace
manage equipment and inventory
Direct sales channels - we sell and interact with our customers directly
We want our customers to feel welcome and unstressed in our cafe, so our customer policies will reflect that
Return policy - if drink/pastry is incorrect or in some way unsatisfactory due to an error on our part, customer may return for a new order on us
Customer is always right to a certain reasonable limit - if there is uncertainty they should be referred to manager/owner
Customer satisfaction will be assessed using both Facebook and a "comment box" in the cafe
Employees in a similar age range as our target market (18-38)
Advertising job openings well before we open the cafe
Employees must be diligent, enthusiastic, polite, and good representatives for our business
The manager will consult with the owner about hiring and firing
firing would occur in the event of a serious disruption of the cafe environment or other infringement of our values as a business
promotions would occur with long-term experience in the cafe and commitment to our values
most employees will be paid just above minimum wage
managers/owner will receive a higher salary
Preserving the Culture
we want to preserve a positive environment within our cafe - includes customers and employees
treat employees with respect - open communication and understanding
any disputes would be taken up first with the manager, then the owner - handled professionally
Open collaboration among leaders and followers
Business ethics based on Christian morality: Mission Control Ethics
Giving back to the community
Portion of profits goes back to community - when steady profit has been attained
Start-Up Cost: $ 67,268
Begin making a profit in Year 3, but still paying back loans.
Double-book Accounting
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