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Anthony Gonzalez

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Anthony Gonzalez

Medal Of Honor
William E. Adams background
William was born in Casper , Wyoming he attended and graduated from Colorado state university and also attended Wentworth military academy in Lexington Missouri he died in action and hot his medal after his death.
Thank you!
he sacrificed his own life to try to save the soldiers and get them to safety but failed and died while trying to get away but his helicopter then caught fire and exploded mid air
Anthony Gonzalez
William volunteered to fly a lightly armored helicopter into enemy attack on a base to rescue 3 seriously wounded soldiers from a fire base under enemy attack
William did not leave till his fellow soldiers were on the helicopter he shows patriotism by attempting to save them knowing that he could die
William shows courage and honor to be the one to fly into a dangerous area under enemy attack in Vietnam to try and save wounded soldiers
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