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Creative Communities Unit, Staffordshire University

No description

Nic Gratton

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Creative Communities Unit, Staffordshire University

Welcome to the Creative Communities Unit Supporting your work with communities CCU Consultancy We also work with organisations to deliver bespoke projects such as: Research Evaluations Creative Consultations Bespoke courses Community based projects Youth Work Volunteering Press the play arrow, or hover your mouse over the more button and press autoplay... Our Partners Oasis College, London Centre for Youth Ministry We also work closely with... Voluntary Action Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services Regional Youth Work Unit A number of Local Authority Youth Services including Staffordshire and Wolverhampton Who are we? Sarah Barbara Sam Pete Penny Nic Janet Nigel CCU Consultancy We also work with organisations to deliver bespoke projects such as: Research Evaluations Creative Consultations Bespoke courses Community based projects Delivering a range of courses... Youth and Community Work Community Practice Community and Participatory Arts Regeneration and Sustainable Enterprise A team of community practitioners with a range of specialisms...

Intergenerational working Creative community consultation Participatory practice Facilitation Coaching and mentoring Working with young people Community arts Community development Faith based youth and community work Social policy Community enterprise, sustainability and regeneration Youth Work Volunteering So, what can I do with CCU? There are so many opportunities.... Masters degrees Workshops Short Courses Masterclasses Or ask us about our consultancy work An MA sounds interesting... What could I study? MA Community Practice So, what will I cover if I do an MA? Specialist module Participatory Research and Project Cycle Management Skills for working with Communities Dissertation Empowering Communities MA Regeneration and Sustainable Enterprise MA Youth and Community Work MA Community and Participatory Arts I simply can't fit an MA in... What else can I do? Why not try one of our Short Courses? Three or six days 15 or 30 credits Certificates of CPD £260 (15 credits) to £520 (30 Credits) Empowering Communities 30 Credits, Level 7 ...explores the significance of and methods for community engagement as well as the history of government policy relating to communities in the UK and the impact of globalisation on contemporary communities 26.9.12
30.1.13 Dates... Getting Communities Involved 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...examines the idea of community, values underpinning community development and empowerment, and a range of strategies for engaging communities Dates... 17.10.12
28.11.12 Theory and Practice of Mentoring 30 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...explores the key theoretical perspectives which inform and underpin the practice of
mentoring Dates... 27.9.12 - 13.12.12 Project Cycle Management 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...explores key issues in the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects Dates... 24.10.12
5.12.12 Supporting work based learning 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...is delivered in partnership with Centre for Youth Ministry. You will explore the personal qualities and skills needed to be effective in the role of supporting work-based learning Dates... 20.11.12
30.4.13 Contemporary Youth Work 30 Credits, Level 7 ...presents a critical and up-to-date overview of the theoretical and practice issues involved in working with young people Dates... 4.2.13
3.6.13 Community Leadership and Management 30 Credits, Level 7 ...explores empowerment leadership and management practice and strategies including change management and ways to develop staff performance through feedback, appraisals and
coaching Dates... 5.2.13
4.6.13 Skills for working with Communities 30 Credits, Level 7 ...allows you to develop advanced skills in working with communities including topics such as: ethical practice, partnership working, working with groups, using social media, and
creative thinking and
reflective practice Dates... 13.2.13
5.6.13 Making it Happen with Community Arts Credit 30, Level 4 and Level 7 ...is a practically-based course that focuses on the history of community and participatory arts and the development of participatory arts projects in community settings Dates... 20.2.13
17.4.13 Regeneration 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...explores the definition, changing policy context and different approaches to regeneration and the role of collaboration and community involvement in regeneration projects Dates... 21.2.13
18.4.13 Community Arts in Global Perspective 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...explores the impact that community and participatory arts have had on the
way arts and culture
have developed
across the world Community Engagement Jackie Mentoring 10am - 12pm Thursdays Dates... 1.5.13 22.5.13 12.6.13 Developing Sustainable Enterprise 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...introduces a range of theoretical perspectives including sustainability, enterprise and entrepreneurship and will explore current government policy in relation to these
themes Dates... 2.5.13
13.6.13 Artists' Professional Development Programme 15 Credits, Level 7 ...is delivered in partnership with Praxis Arts and Health Network. The course supports artists working in health settings or with health issues Dates... To be confirmed Promoting Equality in the Workplace 15 Credits, Level 4 and Level 7 ...explores empowerment leadership and management practice and strategies including change management and ways to develop staff performance through feedback, appraisals and coaching Dates... To be confirmed Courses... We can develop partnerships to: Engage with communities
Develop projects
Evaluate pieces of work
Deliver bespoke courses
Apply for funding
Develop and carry out research To find out more, click onto our blog which has regular updates on our research and consultancy work http://CCUStaffs.wordpress.com I only have a spare day or two, is there anything else I can do? Why not try a Masterclass? What is a Masterclass? One day ...with no assessment No qualifications needed Just a passion for the work and an interest in the subject One full day on a specific topic... ...with practical ideas to take away Costs... One full day masterclass, plus pack to take away £60 OR The above plus an additional two hours with a tutor to help you put your learning into practice £100 Costs... One full day Masterclass plus pack to take away All the above plus an additional 2 hours tutor time to help you put your learning into practice OR £60 £100 This masterclass will take you through some of the study skills required to study at Masters level and help you to identify whether studying at Masters Level is right for you Is it for me?
Studying at Masters Level 26.9.12 Get Talking: Meaningful Community Consultation How do we find out what our communities really want? How do we make sure that we really listen to their needs? Based on the principles of Participation Learning and Action, this masterclass will provide a range of creative methods to help you to carry out meaningful community consultations by working with your customers as partners. 3.10.13 How was it for you? How do we know if a community project has been successful? How do we make sure communities are involved throughout the evaluation process? This masterclass will provide some tools to guide you through the evaluation process, making sure you get the information you need from the people who matter. 5.12.12 Bucking the Trend:
A positive future for work with young people How do we make sure work with young people can continue to meet their needs in a time of reduced resources and increased pressures? This masterclass will take a critical look at how young people experience the world, and how those working with them or overseeing services can help to promote a positive future for young people. 4.2.13 War or Peace?
A toolkit for group work What makes a group work well? What makes group work so difficult when it goes wrong? How do you manage a difficult group member? This masterclass will help you to understand how group dynamics work and some skills and techniques you can use to help effectively facilitate a group. 6.3.13 Change Management: Strategies for Success The only certainty is that change will happen, but it can be an unsettling process for all involved. This masterclass will introduce a range of tools and models that are valuable when managing change. 19.3.13 To Tweet or not to Tweet? Social media and Communities Love it or hate it, social media has exploded in popularity. This masterclass will explore the appropriate use of social media with communities, as a means of communication, marketing or promotion. You will also have the opportunity to test out a range of sites and assess their suitability for your work 20.3.13 A Coaching Approach to Developing People This masterclass will introduce a range of both theoretical and practical models and tools that are valuable when coaching or mentoring people’s development either in a managerial or non-managerial capacity. 16.4.13 Put on your Thinking Cap: Creative Problem Solving Creative approaches to thinking, problem solving and action planning can help individuals and organisations to overcome difficult situations or problems. During the day there will the opportunity to apply creative methods to address issues or questions that participants are facing in their work. 24.4.13 Sometimes my Head Hurts: Managing the Complexities of Youth Work The context of youth work is changing, and managers of services in the voluntary, statutory and private sectors need to be able to manage these complexities. This masterclass will present a range of management tools to support you to identify the variables impacting on your work, your management style and how to effectively manage in a multi-agency context. 13.5.13 We Need to Talk...
Effective Partnership Working Why is everyone talking about partnership working and multi-agency contexts? How do we make a partnership work? This masterclass will address the benefits of and obstacles to partnership working and some practical tools for assessing partnerships. 15.5.13 Creating the Change: Developing a Sustainable Social or Community Enterprise Have you got a great idea that you want to develop into a sustainable social or community enterprise? Do you need help to plan out your vision and business idea? This masterclass will provide you with the opportunity to apply a range of planning tools to your business idea 23.5.13 Interested in a Click on this link to complete an application form http://ccustaffs.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/application-form.pdf We have a group of people, can you deliver something for all of us? Yes! We can deliver FREE short workshops on: Case Study Evaluation Miniature Stoke Young People and Communities Or, we can develop bespoke courses or workshops, just for you! Contact us... Creative Communities Unit
Flaxman L220
Staffordshire University
College Road
Stoke on Trent
ST4 2DE t: (01782) 294793 e: creativecommunities@staffs.ac.uk @CCUStaffs Creative Communities Unit http://www.staffs.ac.uk/ccu http://ccustaffs.wordpress.com/ Just get in touch... 3.10.12 Youth Work Volunteering Digital story telling
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