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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

No description

Nicky Pettersen

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Someone Like You By Sarah Dessen Summary Conflict Theme How to Prepare How to Discuss Book Review How to Reflect Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen is about two highschool girls named Halley and Scarlett. Scarlett's boyfriend Michael dies in a motorcycle crash and a few weeks later she finds out she is pregnant with his baby. The story follows the friendship of the two girls throughout Scarlett's pregnancy. Throughout the book Halley meets a boy named Macon, who was a friend of Michael's. Macon is more of a bad boy and Halley seems drawn to him immediately since it is so different from her personality. Halley's mother tries to control every aspect of Halley's life and doesn't approve of Macon. They date for a few months but then Macon starts pressuring Halley to move faster than she would like to. They get in a fight about it on New Years Eve and end up in a pretty bad car accident. Macon doesn't seem to put in much of an effort to go see Halley in the hospital or at her house when she goes home. Finally she gets so frustrated with him and they break up. This book is all about relationships such as the relationships between best friends, mothers and daughters, and boyfriends and girlfriends. The theme of Someone Like You is
growing up and discovering who you are.
Halley is continually learning who she is We all had slightly different opinions on the book. Lauren and Allie both really enjoyed the book and would absolutely recommend it. Hannah also enjoyed the book overall but disliked the main character Halley, which effected her opinion of the book. Nicky didn't enjoy the book that much since it wasn't the type of book she usually enjoys reading. Overall the book was good. We would recommend it to high school girls that like to read about drama and relationships. Top 5 Skills Video those decisions may be poorly thought out.
Through branching away from her mother
and Scarlett and getting close to Macon,
Halley starts to figure out who she is. by making her own decisions, even though Quotes “When I pictured myself, it was always like just an outline in a coloring book, with the inside not yet completed. All the standard features were there. but the colors, the zigzags and plaids, the bits and pieces that made up me, Halley, weren't yet in place. Scarlett's vibrant reds and golds helped some, but I was still waiting” (p. 72).

“I hoped that Grace would be a little bit of the best of all of us: Scarlett's spirit, and my mother's strength, Marion's determination, and Michael's sly humor. I wasn't sure what I could give, not just yet. But I would know when I told her about the comet, years from now, I would know. And I would lean close to her ear, saying the words no one else could hear, explaining it all. The language of solace and comets, and the girls we all become, in the end” (p.281). Person vs. Person:
Halley and her mother
Relationship has gone up and down throughout the years
Book focuses on how their opinions and ideas conflict
Her mom tries to shelter her but that just makes Halley want to rebel
Her and Macon
Person vs. Self:
Halley is conflicted with her inner self trying to grow up and figure out who she is; Halley matures throughout this book. Be attentive
Have enthusiasm
Be prepared with questions, outside materials, and quotes from text
Choose what order each person is going to ask their questions and follow that for the whole discussion (Start with one person and go clockwise from there)
Voice your opinion at appropriate times
Be respectful of other's opinions if they differ from yours
Feed off of disagreements to spark a more in depth conversation Think back on the discussion
Think about who said what
How did the discussion go? Was the conversation flowing or awkward?
Were there any disagreements?
How did the group react to one another? Respectful or interrupting?
Did you say everything you wanted to say?
What can you do next time to add to the discussion in a positive way? Read section of book
Highlight important sections
Be in a good mood
Once in discussion create order of group
Bring in outside connections
Level 1: Who is the main character?
Level 2: Summarize Halley's mother thoughts on Macon.
Level 3: Hypothesize what will happen next based on context clues.
Level 4: Create a visual project on the major characters in the book and their relationship with one another. Leadership
Eye contact
Attentive posture
Conversational; snowball off each other's ideas Parts of a Story Exposition: meet the main characters & relationships they have with each other, we find out that Michael is dead
Rising action: Halley fighting with her mom, supporting Scarlett with her new found pregnancy, ups and downs with Macon
Climax: there's a car crash
Falling action: Halley recovering, breaking up with Macon, prom night
Resolution: the baby is born which gives all of the important characters something new to look forward to and focus on
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