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Coffee Consumerism

No description

Lauren Sepp

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Coffee Consumerism

Ethnographic Research
Denver/Metro Area
Personal Interview
From 1995-2000, coffee consumption increased 700%

Since 1987, Starbucks has added an average of 2 stores daily

The new Starbucks 'trenta' size has a capacity of
916 mL, while the average capacity of the human stomach is 900 mL
3 Types of Coffee Shop Consumers
Undefined Relationships
Neutral Meeting Place

Academic or Professional Work
Inviting Atmosphere

Regular Coffee Purchasers
Daily Affirmation
So What?
The evolution of the third place
Lauren Sepp
Coffee Consumerism
The increase in the number of coffeehouses has led to the creation of a specific coffee-drinking subculture comprised of three main groups that drive coffee houses’ business in the United States.
Boston Tea Party 1773

First reading of the Declaration of Independence happened outside of a coffee house in Philadelphia

Coffee was declared America's 'national drink' by the Continental Congress
Will coffee consumerism continue?
Where will the next third place emerge?
Third Spaces
Interesting Facts
The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg
Home Life
Work Life
Inclusive Social Environments
Conversation is the main activity
Neutral ground
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