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Study Abroad

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Tim Colona

on 23 April 2017

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Transcript of Study Abroad

Study Abroad
Observe the economic impact of each country's history and its effects on business practices and culture.
Earn three credit hours studying international business management in some of the most modern cities in the world.
MGT 3901: Special Topics in Management: International Business
Spend New Years Eve on the Chilean coast, go horseback riding through the Andes Mountains, and learn the tango in the heart of Buenos Aires!

South America:
Chile & Argentina
Spend New Year's Eve in the first time zone to welcome the New Year!
Earn three credit hours.
MGT 3901: Special Topics in Management: International Business
Visit international companies and learn about native Maori culture.
Feed your desire for adventure in Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world!

New Zealand
& Australia
Europe Winter Intersession:
2016/2017 Prague and Munich

Study abroad in some of the most amazing cities in China.
Earn nine credit hours in five weeks studying:
International business
Culture of China
Everyday Chinese language
Courses will contain topics about China's rapidly changing economy, Asian business culture, and a Mandarin course.

Spend four weeks in Bergamo, Italy, nestled in the Italian Alps and only 29 miles northeast of Milan.
Earn six credit hours.
Have the opportunity to take Finance 3000, a required course.
Learn more about global scenarios and emerging issues and enjoy cross-cultural experiences.
Have free weekends to travel.
Study abroad in one of the
most beautiful and popular
cities on the Costa Blanca in Alicante.
Earn six credit hours.
Learn about Spanish business culture and practices with a focus on doing business in Europe and Spain.
Visit world class international companies.
Experience cross-cultural experiences and extended travel opportunities.

Why study abroad?
To achieve a global mindset and gain a competitive advantage for the rest of your career.
With growing international competition for jobs, global networks are at all-time premium.
To keep up with the globalization of modern businesses associated with the development of an increasingly integrated economy market stemmed by free trade, cheap labor markets, and the advancement of technology.
27% of TCoB Students go abroad.

Earn 6-12 credit hours.
Study with MU and International Students.
Establish Networks at International Firms.
Enjoy extended weekends for international travel.
All classes are taught in English, except the Mandarin course.
Study for 4-5 Weeks during summer vacation.
All majors welcome.
Summer Programs

Explore internship opportunities in China through the Trulaske Professional Development Program.
Study in the capital city of Prague, the Czech Republic's center of political, cultural and economic activities for more than a thousand years.
Earn six credit hours.
Enjoy cross-cultural experiences with local Czech students.
Have opportunities to travel to places such as London, Amsterdam, Croatia, and more during the weekends.
Welcome in the 2016 New Year in Prague!
Earn three credit hours studying Problems in Finance: International Business-Management (FIN 4185).
Changes Europe location each year.

Benefits to Studying Abroad
Get up to 12 credit hours.
Get ahead on degree progress with required classes.
International Internships.
Cultural Immersion.
Student Manager for repeat travelers.
"The rest of the world will surprise
you if you stay open minded"
Short Term
Long Term
High positive correlations with higher salaries out of college and in career.
Also, there are positive correlations with faster job placement.
Starting salaries of $50,021 compared
to $47,433

Other Funding Options
Operation Passport
Schwarzman Scholars Program
"How can I afford to
study abroad?"
Merit-Based Scholarships
(All through the International Center!)
Academy of International Business Southeast Scholarships ($1,000)
CAFNR General Study Abroad Scholarship ($250-$1,000)
College of Arts & Sciences Study Abroad Scholarship ($3,500-$6,500)
College of Business Departmental Scholarships (Various amounts)
Financial Advisory Board (Approx. $1,000)
Need-Based Scholarships
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Up to $5,000)
Smith Family Scholarship ($1,000)
Diversity Scholarships
Brazeal Family Scholarship ($2,500)
Diversity Scholarship via International Center ($250- $1,000)
Dr. Pepper Education Abroad Awards ($2,000)
Scholarships at MU
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