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BDD with Examples

Some people wanted to hear about experiences from BDD. I'm not an expert in the field but have given it a try...

Peter Samuel

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of BDD with Examples

Peter Samuel
StoryQ - .NET
Specflow - .NET
Cucumber -
Jasmine - JavaScript

Build your own
What is BDD trying to solve?
Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex or web applications written in any language
The Developer Case
Works well for developers

Safety net


Lean Software Development
Lean development can be summarized by seven principles, very close in concept to lean manufacturing principles:

Eliminate waste
Amplify learning
Decide as late as possible
Deliver as fast as possible
Empower the team
Build integrity in
See the whole
Lean principles
SOLID principles
The Business Case
Experiences and examples
the dev team
the suit
the Code
Readable features
Behavior DD
Product owners know what they want

It's difficult to express it

They need a language readable by Suits and Developers
User story
Learn by doing,

Blog posts

Recommended Reading
Get the suits dancing
"Repeat until the money runs out"*
BDD with Examples by Peter Samuel on Prezi - https://bit.ly/irC8W04
JavaScript TDD with Jasmine (screencast) - https://bit.ly/j00Fpf1
tinybdd - A tiny BDD dsl for C# - https://bit.ly/iPv5Wx0
BDD with Examples - https://bit.ly/knZIJG35
pjsamuel3/BDDSkeleton - GitHub - https://bit.ly/iVrC0M2
StoryQ - https://bit.ly/m38otE0
SpecFlow - Pragmatic BDD for .NET - https://bit.ly/kkUSBr2
Jasmine: BDD for your JavaScript - https://bit.ly/k9Zz6S1
Cucumber - Making BDD fun - https://bit.ly/iMIuTf1
WatiN - https://bit.ly/Watin_BDD0
.NET Rocks! - https://bit.ly/DNR_BDD
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