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Vicky Tejada

on 10 December 2013

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Too Black to be Latina
"Fearful, I deliberately spoke with a Spanish accent even though schools kept placing me in speech courses; I learned to use a fan gracefully, and wore my hair long and straight."
-Cruz-Janzen, p. 4

"The frequent dynamic of Afro-Latino/as being mistaken for Anglo-Blacks in their own Latino communities is emble- matic of the foreignness of Blackness to Latinos."
-Cruz Janzen

"I wanted to speak Spanish because I wanted to swim in the river of her words, her history, my history too."
-Chambers, p. 40

"You may not look at me and know that I am Panamanian, that I am an immigrant, that I am both black and Latin. But like my homeland, I am a narrow being flanked by two oceans of heritage. I'm a secret Latina-at-large and that is more than enough for me."
-Chambers, p. 44

The Rainbow Tribe: Latin@?
Negro/a ? Blanco/a ? Todo lo anterior?
-84% de la población en la
Dominican Republic
tiene ascendencia Africana

-50.7% de la población en
tiene ascendencia Africana

-48.5% de la población en
tiene ascendencia Africana

-36.4% de la población en
tiene ascendencia Africana

-12.4% de la población en
Puerto Rico
tiene ascendencia Africana
Los paises con la poblaciónes más grandes de Afro-descendientes
- ¿En que lengua estan escritas las lecturas?

-¿Cuál es la importancía de esto?

-Hay lenguaje problematico usado?

Hablando del español...
Baeza Ventura, Gabriela; Chambers, Veronica,
US Latino Literature Today: Secret Latina at Large,
p. 38-44. 2005

Kateri Hernandez, Tanya,
Too Black to be Latino
, Latino Studies 2003, 1, (152–159), 2003.

Cruz-Janzen, Marta I., Frontiers:
Latinegras: Desired Women—Undesirable Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and Wives,
Vol. XXII, no. 3,
p. 1-16, 2001.


Tanya Katerí Hernandez
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