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Possessive Nouns

Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns

Kristi Daigle

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Possessive Nouns

Which one?
A plural possessive adds ' to a noun that ends with an s and 's to plural nouns that do not end with an s
Possessive Nouns
What's the difference?
Place your own picture
behind this frame!
Double click to crop it if necessary
Singular Possessive Nouns
Plural Possessive
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
A possessive noun is a noun that shows who or what owns or has something.
A singular possessive noun adds
's to a singular noun
add 's
horse's tail
fox's tracks
leaf's color
child's toy
Rosa's jacket
painter's brush
dog's house
city's mayor
nurse's station
two horses' tails
many foxes' tracks
many leaves' colors
women's club
sponsors' meeting
Sometimes plural nouns
and plural possessive
nouns look alike. You
must pay attention to the
placement of the
First, put your finger
over the apostrophe
and anything that is
after it.
baby's babies'
Next, determine if
the word before the
apostrophe is singular
or plural.
baby's babies'
Last, decide which
noun fits best in the
After the triplets were
born, our house was
filled with (baby's/babies') cries.
(The performance of the players) was outstanding.
player's performance
players' performance
players performance
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