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Case Study: Hacienda Del Sol

No description

Sarah Wollaert

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Case Study: Hacienda Del Sol

Reasoning for Sales
Quick implementation
Stable cost
Better justification

Case Study: La Hacienda Del Sol Situation Analysis
Baja California, Mexico
276 rooms, 3 bars and 2 restaurants
Management Lack of professional salesforce team Lack of alignment and consistency within the marketing and sales decisions Symptoms Inconsistent targeting & pricing Misaligned promotion & distribution with targets Inconsistent brand image Problem identification Alternatives Chosen Alternative:
Sales Outsource
Marketing Alternative 1 Sales
Outsource Sales team
Hire 2 Professionals
3 alternatives.. Reasoning for Marketing
Lowest risk
Highest potential gain in customers
Valuable long term strategy Implemention & Monitoring Fast implementation
Metrics Questions Would have chosen the same alternative regarding the salesforce?
Do you agree with the targeting and promotion decisions?
Do you think that targetting college students during spring break is in alignment with the hotel's brand image?
In this specific case, would you rather implement an outsourced team in-house or off-site?
In general, what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the sales department?
How else would you measure the performance of an outsourced sales team?
What are the major benefits for this strategy of promotion/affiliations with local tourism businesses? In the past, Garcia tried to convince her father of upgrading the website, but he thought that since the hotel was fully occupied during high season, the expense was not justified. In your opinion, should she approach him to convince him of upgrading the website?
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