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COD: Black Ops 2

Anthony Angioy Analysis on Black Ops 2

Anthony Angioy

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of COD: Black Ops 2

If you had pre-ordered the game you would of been eligible to play the new and upgraded map 'Nuketown 2025', if you didn't pre-order, it may possibly become a free DLC later on... Call of Duty have had their own engine since Call of Duty 4.
It is called the 'IW' (Infinity Ward Engine).

Black ops 2 is on the following platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii (U) and PC. It is also on hand held devices such as DS, PlayStation Vita, etc... Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Platforms There is an engine called VG247 which black ops is defending but currently they are running on IW 3.0 engine with Havok physics engine.

The following are what is created within the game engine:
Reveal mapping (improved texture blending)
Water effects
Improved lighting effects
Lens flare effects
HDR lighting
Bounce lighting
Intersecting shadows
DirectX 11 Engine Target Audience Peter Stormare Peter Stormare is a actor but has recently made his appearance in the game 'call of Duty: black Ops 2!'. Furthermore, his game name is 'The Replacer', this sounds intriguing. Difficulty On Black Ops 2 there is four difficulty levels which you can choose at the beginning of the campaign.

The easiest difficulty of them all is 'recruit'. The player consumes tiny amounts of damage from most weapons and the they all are generally inaccurate. This difficulty is a strong suggestion for gamers that are new to the FPS genre.

Regular is the normal difficulty as it is harder than recruit but easier than hardened and veteran. Guns take mere amounts of impact at times but they lack to deal damage.

Hardened is recommended if you have beaten the campaign before on an easier difficulty and are willing to push yourself that little bit more. It is harder than Recruit and Regular but easier than Veteran. Playing on Hardened mode allows players to accomplish challenges built within the game.

Veteran is the most frustrating of all four difficulties as NPC's are much stronger and have increased accuracy so players have to concentrate and survive. Music/SFX In any FPS game without music or gunfire the game becomes a surreal symphony of screams!

The sound effects within a game are crucial because without the screams of all the people who have been murdered the game would be less intense and the atmosphere would be depressing.

This is why Call of Duty has phenomenal ambiance, etc. Furthermore, you can purchase custom call of duty headsets to increase/promote your experience. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a First-Person shooter game created by Treyarch and published by Activision. Furthermore, it was released on November 13, 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows OS. Cut scenes The cut scenes in black ops 2 are good and chosen well for parents because you can disable/reduce mature content and turn the character voice off if it doesn't suit their needs. STORY and Characters Black ops 2 has a mixed campaign behind it because it includes zombies.

The story takes place across two separate arcs, one recounting events in the 1980s, and the other following characters in the year 2025.

Brief: United States special forces operatives led by David Mason and his partner, Harper, arrive at "the Vault", a top-security location venue to an aging Frank Woods, hence that they suspect important information on the whereabouts of Raul Menendez. Woods concedes that Menendez has recently visited him and shows them a locket that the latter had left behind. Frank then narrates approximately several covert missions undertook by his military career which span their previous encounters.

Characters: The protagonist (Alex Mason), Primary Antagonis (Raul Menendez), Special Forces Operatives (David Mason and Mike Harper). The target audience is mostly for teenagers because of the blood/violence in the game. The game is rated 'M' because of the children's parents not wanting them to play the game, personally games should only be rated 'M' if there is sexual scenes within the game play and not because of blood and violence. Furthermore, the game is preferably for males as of the intense combat action! Controls Default PS3: On black ops 2 to move you use the left analogue stick, to rotate it is the right analogue stick, to shoot it is 'R1' and to aim it is 'L1', to throw items use 'R2', to perform a melee attack it is 'R3' (ensure to click the right stick in), to throw a tactical grenade you use the 'L2' to go prone/crouch click circle', to reload click square, to jump click 'X', to switch weapon click triangle, to use your inventory items use the D-Pad which is the arrows in which ever direction, click start to pause and select to see the scoreboard if online.

Default Xbox: On black ops 2 to move you use the left analogue stick, to rotate it is the right analogue stick, to shoot it is 'Right trigger' and to aim it is 'Left trigger', to throw items use 'Right bumper', to perform a melee attack it is 'Right stick' (ensure to click the right stick in), to throw a tactical grenade you use the 'Left bumper' to go prone/crouch click 'B'', to reload click square, to jump click 'A', to switch weapon click 'Y', to use your inventory items use the D-Pad which is the arrows in which ever direction, click start to pause and select to see the scoreboard if online. DLC Call of duty 2 will take you on a journey!

It is a lot diverse from the other series of call of duty because it keeps you entertained throughout the storyline and every mission has a different atmosphere.

Call of duty series is a first-person shooter (FPS), although online in certain game modes you can choose 'third person shooter'. Atmosphere/Camera Perspective GUI In black ops 2 the graphic user interface has many features and you decide what options you w Game World Game play Mechanics GUI / Menus Inspirations The 'GUI' is excellent in black ops 2 because everything is spaced out and clear to read and there is no-overlapping.

There is a cool kill streak called ORBITAL VSAT which temporarily allows you to see your enemies on your mini map until it expires.

Black ops 2 was inspired by the US military!

Treyarch's game producer, released an important marketing video on 23/04/2012 showing a fake "reality" demonstration of an armed quad rotor drone similar to flying robots featured in the game. That led a Pentagon office to wonder if the U.S. military could make the same thing?

Many of the real-world hooks are inspired by P.W. Singer's! Black ops 2 changed a lot of stuff from other call of duty series!

They also included the old Nuketown map from the previous black ops but upgrades it and renamed it to 'Nuketown 2025' because they set it in the future and everything is more colourful and the colours are quite chromium.

In the dlc's they create new camouflages, map packs and guns. Furthermore, you can use the new items which you get from the dlc in the zombie modes out of the boxes or on the wall. Story: Black ops 2 is a direct sequel to the previous game 'Black Ops'. The campaign's primary timeline is set in the year 2025 unlike the first time around. Players will take on the role of David Mason, who is the son of Alex Mason. The father/son relationship will play a part in the new campaign. In the game's fiction, there is a second Cold War happening between China and the US due to the scarcity of Rare Earth Elements used to make tech devices and military weapons. The story is based on a real-world possibility, as China currently controls 95 percent of the rare earth elements in the world...

Multiplayer: It will take place entirely in the year 2025!
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