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Giza Systems - Profile

No description

Mohamed El Sayed

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Giza Systems - Profile

The number one systems integrator in Egypt and the Middle East Shaping the IT industry since 1974 A team of 600 professionals 1500 clients in all sectors 35 technology provider partnerships Providing Solutions for ... Telecom Oil & Gas Water Power Real Estate & Hospitality Manufacturing Our Subsidiaries

Giza Systems Distribution

Giza Systems JLT, UAE Giza Systems School of Technology Our Offices Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt

Riyadh , Jeddah and Al Khobar, KSA Dubai, UAE

Doha, Qatar Our Vision To be recognized and valued as the number one systems integrator in the region in our fields of choice. Our Mission To contribute to local and regional development with our technology solutions, commitment and dedicated customer service. Corporate
Responsibility We have adopted the going green initiative by creating a culture of environmental responsibility and working towards environmental-friendly strategies in waste, energy, and resource management. Quality is our Concern ISO 9001/2008
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
CMMI Level 3
Member in the TMF Our Clients Telecom Anticipating industry needs Catering to… Business Personal Home Wholesale What we do… Telecom OSS Billing & Customer Care Monitoring Security Asset Management Information Infrastructure Smart Buildings Water Treatment Distribution Leak Detection (LDS) Communications Systems Distributed Control System (DCS) What we do ... Advanced Process Control Solutions Well Head Control Systems Fire & Gas (F&G) Safety Systems and Detectors Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) Training Simulators Oil and Gas Irrigation Billing Management System Water Management System Electromechanical Works SCADA System Project SCADA System Project Greater Cairo Water Network SCADA System Automation Control PLC Project Financial Systems Security Solutions aiming at Optimizing operations Process Automation Manufacturing What we do ... Optimize Generation
Distribution DCS & Field Instruments Microwave Links Billing System Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) GIS & PNI Solution CRM ERP Digital PLC Control & Protection Systems What we do ... What we do ... Real Estate & Hospitality Building Management Systems Smart Solutions Promote Accurate
Reporting Increase Operational
Efficiency Ensure Optimal
Performance What we do ...

Access Control Multimedia Safety & Security Building Management, Control & Monitoring Communications & Connectivity Efficiently control & manage operations (Passive, Active & Analysis) (Passive and active network & analysis capabilities) Giza Arabia Giza Systems Free Zone Our Partners Our Lines of Business are Enterprise Applications Telecom OSS Process Control SCADA Smart Buildings Transmission & Distribution Information Infrastructure Field Solutions

Giza Systems Gulf, Qatar Giza Systems Electromechanical Power Distributed Control
Systems (DCS) Advanced Process
Control Solutions Programmable Logic
Controller (PLC) Supervisory Control
and Data Environmental
Solutions Field Solutions Communication
Solutions Acquisition (SCADA)
Systems Fire and Gas
Solutions Energy Management
Solutions (EMS) Power Distribution
Stations Emergency Shut
Down (ESD) Systems Closed Circuit TVs (CCTV)
and Surveillance Systems Business Intelligence
Solutions Training Simulators Back Office
Solutions Transportation Lines and SCADA Solutions Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Field Force Management / Mobile Workforce Management Systems (MWMS) Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) and Billing Business Intelligence Solutions Back Office Solutions Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Systems
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