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Behavioral Learning

The Adolescent Learner (Summer 2013)

Roxie Zeek

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Behavioral Learning

Behavioral Learning
The Major Players
Reinforcers vs. Punishers
Reinforcers = any consequences that strengthen a behavior
It's your turn to investigate...
Parting Shot(s)...
B. F. Skinner
Albert Bandura
Classical Conditioning
The process of repeatedly associating a previously neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus in order to evoke a conditioned response
Operant Conditioning
The use of pleasant or unpleasant consequences to control the occurrence of behavior
Ivan Pavlov
Imitation of others' behavior
Model of Self-Regulated Learning
Rewarding or punishing ones' own behavior
Donald Meichenbaum
In your group, use your smartphone or iPad to find the following:
What Pavlov was studying when he discovered Classical Conditioning.
A photo of someone practicing Meichenbaum's Theory of Self-Regulation.
A short video (no more than two minutes long) that is an example of Operant Conditioning not using animals.
Song lyrics or a poem that speak to Bandura's idea of Social Learning.
"You can drink that margarita as soon as you write your Educational Autobiography."
Punishers = any consequences that weaken a behavior
"You haven't been paying attention this entire staff meeting so you must leave."
Raise your hand each time you find an item.
Write down the answer and site for each item found
Only one item per site
Be creative!
Teacher Toolbox
How can we use reinforcers in the classroom?
Positive Reinforcement:
Praise - verbal, non-verbal, and written
Activities - allowing students to participate in preferred activities (computer time, games, etc)
Tangible - candy, toys, balloons, stickers, etc
Token - points or tokens
Negative Reinforcement:
Excused from an undesirable task
Make clear the behavior that you expect from your students from the start and
reinforce it every time you see it!
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