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Python Intro

No description

Kalyan Sonnathi

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Python Intro

Why Python?
Course Overview
Why Python
Easy to learn
Easy to explore the language and libraries with the interpretor
Readable code is a language goal!
Allows you to learn different paradigms like structured, OO or functional without imposing any one style
Strong set of builtin data structures and libraries
Automated memory management
Typical code will be 2-5x smaller than equivalent code elsewhere.
framework support
Small programs
GUI programs
3-tiered web apps with django
Paas apps (heroku)
Focussed on one python topic
A series of tests that you get working by using console, google, docs...
what did I learn?
Deepen understanding via free form exercises
Typically involve one or more concepts you have already learnt
Dropbox for lesson and assignment submissions
Piazza for help/Q and A/course discussions
Who uses python
Google - youtube, crawlers..
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