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Evalution of Cars

No description

Rebecca Anderson

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Evalution of Cars

Evolution of Cars How cars have changed over time At first people would walk for transportation. Then...people rode horse drawn carriages After that people started to drive cars but they were very old fashioned compared to todays cars. Today we have modern cars. They vary from brand,coulor or hibird. We also have air conditioning, heaters, dvd palyer,Gps and basically everything you need to go on a road trip. The evolution of cars has greatly affected us because
it has made traveling longer distances easier and nowadays
it's very fuel efficient. Driving in cars today is much easier than before, because
kids can be occuped by DVD(with wireless headphones), storage areas
for toys, and some even have tables to play cards or somithing. It also makes it easier to ride long or
short distances because you can listen to music
either on the radio or XM or you can pug you
i-pod in or you can even listen to CD`s. Cars are also safer because we have seatbelts that
lock when you break hard, air bags when you get
in a crash, and good brakes to prevent the car crash. Cars are comfortable too.They have leather or cloth seats that vary in color like black,grey,tan,beige. there is also seat ajustments to lower,raise, tilt back, or tilt forward the seat to yur comfort. Cars are begining to become more fuel efficient. cars give out gas emissions, which causes global warming,
which causes the earth to warm up which melts the ice and
leaves the polarbears homeless. ;)))
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